New FUTBIN Feature: SBC Club Analyzer

UPDATE: Because of Terms of Service updates from EA, FUTBIN took down their Squad Import/Club Analyzer features on Friday, November 17th.

For the FIFA player and investor, there isn’t a better resource than FUTBIN. Need to build a new squad? Get a player’s price? Complete an SBC? They have the answer. And now, with their new SBC Club Analyzer feature, they just took their game to the next level.

How It Works

First, you must import your squad via the FUTBIN Squad Import feature (check out this article if you are unfamiliar). After doing so, go to the SBC Club Analyzer, and FUTBIN will examine your squad for the cheapest possible solutions to all of the SBCs (see image below). The analyzer starts with players in your club and then fills in the gaps with the cheapest players on the market at that time.

Past are the days of grinding out SBCs to find the cheapest options based on your current club inventory. Now, FUTBIN will do all the work for you. Lucky us!

Best of luck to those of you opening WL rewards!



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This is really handy info – keep up the good work chief!