Marquee Matchup Predictions for Week 11

Not a ton of great options next week for Marquee Matchups, so I’ll only be recommending 4 games. Look to pick up your investments on Friday during the Black Friday lightning rounds.

Besiktas v. Galatasaray

Two storied Turkish clubs vying for the top spot in the league. Right now, Besiktas sits in 1st and Galatasaray is trailing in 3rd place. Some of these prices have already inflated, but you might be able to get some deals on Friday during lightning rounds. Look to buy Turkish players from either of the clubs near discard. Oğuzhan Özyakup and Selçuk İnan are good options.

Porto v. Benfica (1 v. 3, O Classico)

Referred to as the O Clássico, these squads face off as Benfica hopes to close in on Porto for the top spot in Liga NOS. Portuguese internationals Rafa, Hernani, and Ricardo Pereira could be some big money makers.

Napoli v. Juventus

Heavyweights of the Calcio A, Napoli and Juventus face off in another meeting of 1 v. 3. Napoli’s Christian Maggio and Daniele Rugani from Juventus are great shouts.

Al Hilal v. Al Ahli (1 v. 2)

We have yet to have a Dawry Jameel Marquee Matchup this FIFA, but this battle between 1 versus 2 could change that. Neither of the teams have many golds, so any close to discard Saudi Arabian player from Al Hilal or Al Ahli would be a good grab.

Which of these 4 matchups are you investing in?

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Wat do you think the minimal rating will be for the Saudi match?