[REPOST] Preparing for Black Friday: When to Buy and Sell

We are less than 3 weeks away from one of the biggest events of the FUT calendar: Black Friday. Here is what you need to know, and what you should do, in preparation for November 24th.

Before Black Friday

Shown below are graphs of the market from FIFA 17. Focusing on the month of November, you’ll notice the market declines leading up to Thanksgiving. While it can’t be certain that the FIFA 18 market will imitate last years trends, it is highly likely.

FIFA 17 Market (Xbox)

FIFA 18 Market (Xbox)

Right now, the FIFA 18 market is hovering around an index value of 80. At the same point last year, it had a value of 75 before bottoming out at 60 the week of the event. Again, there are no guarantees with the Black Friday market, but my money is on the fact that the next couple weeks will see a similar decline.

My advice? Sell your expensive players and liquidate your assets this Thursday/Friday. Prices over the week cycle tend to be highest at this time, and having these coins will allow you invest during the big event.

Furthermore, I wouldn’t recommend making any big investments over the next couple weeks. The market during this period is too unpredictable, and a volatile market is not something I’m interested in betting on. If you are looking to make coins, you can still make low-risk investments in cheap 83s/84s, marquee matchups, or discard informs. These could come in handy during Black Friday SBCs.

During Black Friday

Buy, buy, buy. With lightning rounds every hour on the hour, the supply will greatly outweigh the demand on November 24th. Tons of cards will hit the market all at once, and you will be able to get some great deals on bid or BIN.

So the real question is, who should you buy? That is hard to say now because we have to wait and see how much individual player prices drop from now until then. However, I can give you some options for players to keep an eye on between now and then (all these options will have the opportunity to be packed during the event, further decreasing their prices and giving you opportunities to win them for deals on bid or snipe).

Popular Weekend League Players

High Rated Discard Informs (From TOTW 10)

Naturally, we still don’t know who will be in TOTW 10 this year. Here are some players from FIFA 17 that were were on the team last year.

After Black Friday

Each year, the market rebounds following the Black Friday/Cyber Monday. Here is how the prices of these popular weekend league and TOTW 10 players fared 1 week following the event from FIFA 17.

Popular Weekend League Players





































































High Rated Discard Informs (From TOTW 10)

















It is impossible to say when the market will bottom out for the Black Friday event and when the prices will rebound to their highs. However, if you buy these players on Friday, November 24th and sell on Friday, December 1st, I think you will be in the money.



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I got 87 Pogba for 450k. When will be the best time to sell him?