Post Black Friday Investment Talk

If you guys follow me on Twitter, you’d know that Zieler was my target for yesterday. I picked up about 50 of these for less than 12k, and he is already up to 15k. Zieler has a good nationality and plays in a good league, so he will be useful for SBCs going forward. His supply should decrease as he is discarded in Squad Building Challenges, so I like his price to continue rising.

How about you guys? What players did you pick up yesterday, and what prices did you get them at?



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a bunch of adebayor for at most 12k each, so happy


i pack inform vidal in the tradable sbc. Do you think he will rise when it expires?


Bought a bunch for 13-13.5, and he dropped so I was scared.. moved them on once he went up still got 1 left. Bought 1 pastore for 30k and then he went down to 26k so that was lame. Got 3 Danteโ€™s for 18.5 and a Mustafi for 53. Sitting @ 43k after buying the team I want + investments (team consists of Griezmann, Jesus), need to start making coins again ๐Ÿ˜ญ


FUTChief what’s your idea for invest today?


I bought a few Dante’s cards for 21k. He was cheapest. His price will be higher? ๐Ÿ˜€


Okay nice. ๐Ÿ™‚


I managed to grab around 20 Morata’s for a varying price usually between 1800 and 3000, although one I strangely got for 700!

He is selling around 7k and even sold one for 12k!

I need to start following you on Twitter, liked your facebook page last night, but missed out on Zieler!


I missed Black Friday.
What can I buy now?


Thank you. You are awesome.
I have never done it. So we search under transfer market with special, right? Why did you shooed these players?
I have 800,000 that I wAnt to use to make more coins. any other ones you suggest?


Thank you FUTchief. I have been using your MM and it has been helping. Thatโ€™s why I wanted to try more.
I am at 980,000. Does Anything happen if we hit 1,000,000 points?


Chief, do prices dip a lot around the Toty time?


So I bought some special informs. When do I sell them?
Should I keep looking at the price range?
If I keep holding them, will the price will eventually go down like next year?