November POTM: Who I’m Investing In

With 5 goals in three Premier League matches so far this month, Salah has all but cemented his claim on the November BPL Player of the Month award. These are some of the investments I’m looking at.ย 

If you haven’t already, check out this article on how to invest for POTM.

Chief’s #1 Investment Pick: Philippe Coutinho

The Salah POTM is going to be one hell of a card. EA is going to have to make it expensive, and some kind of high rated squad is likely how they will do it. Coutinho is a great look for this because he is the cheapest 86 rated player in the PL, not to mention he also plays for Liverpool (Salah’s squad). Also, he is only 2k more expensive than the cheapest 86 rated player in the game. This means that he doesn’t have much room to drop and plenty of room to rise.

Furthermore, I think Coutinho’s price will go up in price even without the Salah POTM SBC. He has a good league and nation, and this makes him useful for Icon SBCs. As people use him in those challenges, his supply will be depleted, thus increasing his price.

Short and sweet article. If you have questions, ask!



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Will his OTW card get an upgrade as well?


When POTM release?


Is December 8th also the date that the sbc comes out?

thanks pal


Will I be able to get hands on the potm card if I sell my Salah otw card? I really really want it.

Do you recommend selling it?


will normal salah card hit its peak around the time potm card is released? i have about 20 in my trade pile. all bought for 5k or less.


How much are you buying Coutinho for?



Would it be wise to invest in Elneny?


You think they can ask on sbc about salah inform card ? Or itโ€™s difficult as there is only one card ?