Q & A Tuesday – Week 12

A weekly thread meant for discussion about anything and everything related to the FUT market. Pose your questions about player prices, investing and trading strategies, or upcoming events. I will answer questions as quickly as I can, but if you can respond before I do, feel free to hop in the conversation!

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Hi chief
I have some if dante’s When do you think I should sell them


Will do thanks a lot.
I must say I have made quite a bit of coin since I found this website thanks a lot 👍🏻


When is the best time to sell IF Dempseys?


I have multiple IF including Dante, pastore, Neto, abedYor, Zieler. When should I sell? They are up 5000 already?


When do they usually announce the potm nominees and then release the sbc?


Hey chief, I am new to investing but have started following your site the last few days. I got in on your suggested TOTW investments and picked up several IF Demirel’s for 11.5k and under. Now just a little over 24 hours later his lowest bin is up to 14.5k. I would assume it should even rise a little more after its out of packs on wednesday?

My main question is if this is a normal trend that I should expect to see in most TOTWs? Is it normal that I can pick up 50+ of an IF for 12.5k or less and see a 1k+ profit within 2 days? Thanks for all the info on this site! I am limited on coins to invest at the moment but i could see myself making a lot off these type of investments each week.


Hi Chief! Thank you for your website! When do you recommend to sell coutinho.. he is already 24-25k, do you think he will continue to grow up? And do you have an another advice (my list is full of lang and mori but they already pass 14k).

Arjun Lotay

Invested around 150 cards into City/United, Ajax/PSV Marquee Matchups, when is the best time to sell?


Hey chief, bought like 30 Kostic’s went from 540 to 610k cheers mate!




When do you expect the TOTGS squad to drop? The last matches in group stages are played today and tomorrow.


I reckon Friday but Chief will know best


Hey Chief, based on your experience, when will players’ prices start to decline again? I have about 2kk and I want to invest in expensive players, but I would like to wait for the right moment. Thanks!


Hey chief I have 500k that I really don’t want to lose but I need to make more whats youre advice? preferably short term investments Thanks Nice page BTW


cheers I have 4 coutinhos (22k each) so they should produce some money for now in the upcoming weeks. just made 20k from eredivise players (marquee matchups) so all is good


Chief, thanks a lot, made about 12k from psv players
Waiting eagerly for your week 13 prediction
Btw what time uk time do you post the predictions?

Pj molloy

Hey man do u know the next time scream cards get boosted and would u invest around this week or wait


Hi mate! Today in TOTW it has appeared Ibai (https://www.futbin.com/18/player/15842/Ibai%20G%C3%B3mez/) i think he was a very good player for her stats, and La Liga don’t have that strong CM (removing the best CMS of course) now it’s a 13 k, do you think he was a good invest?
If you agree when do you think what will be the best time for buy it, tomorrow with fut champs rewards or with squadd battles regards?
Thank you so much dude.


Any thoughts behind Gabriel Jesus’ price actually falling about 10% over the last day or two? Invested in him maybe around Black Friday, was hoping he’d rise beyond 30k but it hasn’t happened. Meanwhile, similarly-priced players like Bailly and Martial have gotten up to about 32k since Black Friday. Think he’ll go back up before FUTMas?


I invested in a bunch of martials and gabriel jesus and more popular bpl players during black friday but they haven’t risen since they just dropped further. when will the go up do u think?

Heung Min Son

Who are u investing in when team of the group stage drops i think i’m gonna go with gnarby and coman from current totw, or should i invest in otw edersen, or maybe 84+ rated cards in preparation for futmas? just wanted ur opinion only have like 300k to work with.

Heung Min Son

when you say 83/84s do you mean IFs or regular gold cards? Thanks so much for your help
– Son