Marquee Matchup Predictions for Week 14

A lot of leagues on break over the holidays, so not many great matchups to choose from for investing this week. If you have coins to spend, I’d recommend using them on high rated players (83s, 84s) in preparation for FUTMAS. Nonetheless, here are a couple fixtures that are highly likely to get picked next week.

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Barcelona v. Real Madrid

El Classico takes flight as Real hopes to close the gap on Barcelona’s lead in the La Liga table. Plenty of Spanish gold players on both sides, so look to pick them up for discard.

Juventus v. Roma

These top, storied clubs prepare for a showdown on December 23rd. Currently sitting at 3 and 4 in the Italian league, there is a lot on the line here. Same as El Classico, look to grab Italian discard golds from either club.

Are you investing in Marquee Matchups or FUTMAS this week?

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Have you seen the last 2 MMs
They don’t chose derbies any more. Just random games.


Its not all random, the last one EA probably changed because of the leak
Before that, Ajax vs PSV was chosen