Notable Player Prices From FUTMAS ’17


After doing some market research from FIFA 17, the investments that seem to have the best ROI for FUTMAS are 84’s, 85’s, and 81 rated informs. Below are some graphs of player prices during and leading up to the event. Notice that they all come from good leagues and nations.



81 IF’s

While we can’t expect the same returns for FUTMAS ’18, I’d expect any investments you make in these type of players to close to double in price. Personally, I’ve invested heavily in IF Benjamin Andre from TOTW 12; he is French, comes from Ligue 1, has solid stats, and is 81 rated.

It’s still not too late to grab some of these 84’s, 85’s, and 81 rated IF investments, either. Simply go to FUTBIN, filter by cheapest price, and remember to grab players from good leagues and nations.



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I’ve been buying up 81 rated IF’s from this week namely Petersen and Kerbrat, should I be looking to sell in TOTW15 or during FUTMAS event?