Who I’m Targeting Right Now: 83s and Scream Sturridge

First of all, congrats to all of you who invested in Benjamin Andre! I’m still in the process of selling mine (I had 250), but it looks like I’ll be primed to buy this squad after, most likely following TOTY.

That being said, there is still profit to be made before TOTY comes! Here are some of the investments I am targeting right now.


Historically, EA likes to release a stacked TOTW that coincides with guaranteed TOTW SBCs, and TOTW 14 is as loaded as it comes. Right now, 83s are quite cheap, ranging from 1-1.5k. If a TOTW SBC does drop, you can expect them to raise to 3k or higher. As always, remember to target players from good nations/leagues that can be linked with well in the challenges.

From a business perspective, it is also in EAs best interest drop a guaranteed TOTW SBC this week because there will be loads of new kiddos opening presents and playing the game following Christmas. Higher prices means more packs need to be opened for new players to build the teams they desire, and a guaranteed TOTW SBC would do just that.

Scream Sturridge

In case you didn’t know, Scream cards are temporarily boosted during every full moon. The next full moon is lined up for January 2nd, and at that time it the his rating will go from an 83 to an 90.

The highest rated players like these have extreme value because of Icon SBCs. The most desired prime players, such as Henry, have SBC requirements of 87, 88, and even 89 rated squads.

At the moment, Scream Sturridge is less than 50k. The next cheapest 90 rated player is Higuain at 65k. Last time there was a full moon, Sturridge rose to 66k.

I would expect Sturridge to reach this price, if not higher, for a few reasons. For one, his supply is depleted compared to the last full moon because some of many of his cards have been discarded via SBCs. Secondly, we are at a point in the game where players are starting to buy their squads for the long-term, and Icons are often the players that people have their eyes on. Lastly, the next Throwback Thursday will likely include some top tier icons such as Pele, Maldini, or Maradona. They are some of the most sought after players in the game, and you can expect the demand for the cheapest 90s to go up as a result.



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fut buyer

is Scream Kompany a good investment for 58k?


Hey fut chief!

I picked up about 40 83 guys on ps4 for 1300 each. They have all increased to around 2k. At what point do i sell them and should i keep buying more?


so should i buy more for 2k?


So I bought 4 Scream Sturridge for 52k. Couldnโ€™t find less than 50k. When to sell them?


Cool. Thanks Chief. Because of you, i made atleast 500k on andre. You are awesome!


futchief man the futmas sbcs are gone an the prices are going back down. time to sell or wait ?


yes the 83s


What do you Think abort DI Maria? Hes down under 10k.