Why Inigo Martinez and Phil Jagielka Are Awesome Investments

The much anticipated tradable TOTW SBC has finally arrived, driving up the prices of 83s, 84s, and cheap informs across platforms. Those of you who invested in those cards have made some hefty returns, and now we can focus on our next investment: TOTW 15 Inigo Martinez and Phil Jagielka. Here’s some reasons why I like both of them.

Reason 1: Low price. The mass influx of TOTW 15 informs from the tradable SBC has driven Martinez’s price down far too low. The next cheapest 84 rated Spanish inform is Nacho Fernandez, and he is 15,000 more coins than Martinez at the moment.

Reason 2: Easily linkable for high rated SBCs. When it comes to completing 87, 88, and 89 rated SBCs that have some sort of chemistry and inform requirement, Spain is your best option. There are bunch of high rated players that are the cheap for their respective rating (notably Isco, Pique, Silva, Iniesta, and Thiago). With more prime icon SBCs on the way, you can be sure that Inigo will be a commonly used in those high rated challenges. As he gets discarded, his price will rise and rise.



Reason 1: Low price. Just like Martinez, the SBC has driven Jagielka’s price down to levels that are much too low given his rating, nation, and league.

Reason 2: Upcoming December PL POTM. Harry Kane is currently the favorite to win the BPL award for next month. Often times EA requires informs from the Premier League or from the winner’s nation in the SBCs. Jagielka kills two birds with one stone in that sense. Even if he isn’t required, hype will still drive up his price leading into the event.

I expect these two player’s prices to hover around their current levels for the next few days. I would aim for grabbing Jagielka for less than 17,000 and Inigo for 21k or less.



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Completely agree with all of this, great explanation! I think I am going to split my coins evenly between the two of them, are you investing in one of them heavier than the other?


Hey Chief!

How long do you expect to hold onto these cards for before you sell them? And how much profit do you want minimum on each card?


After doing the maths for myself on this, do you think its worth it? I know this method will work better with the more coins you have but i’ve got around 360k to invest after profits from yesterday. If I bought 17 Martinez’s at 21k and sold for 30k, it would leave me with around 480k asfter tax. I know 120k profit is not to be sniffed at, but over 2 weeks, is there not any other investments that could produce a better return over the next two weeks? Thanks Ben 🙂


Invest 30-35k in marquee matchups. I made 50k this week with Celtic vs Rangers. For next week Benfica vs Sporting is a safe bet in my opinion. I also bought 20 players for the Australian one.


what sort of budget would you recommend i get to before i start methods like the IF Martinez investing?


Also, regarding your ‘quick flip’ comment, if you look at any 83/84 on the market right now, all the bids are 200 coins below the BIN, so theres no profit to be made. Sniping doesnt work for me as there are 1) too many people doing it atm…and 2) im not that good at it anyway. I feel that MM is probably my best bet but its just the risk that puts me off…..


When do you reckon is the best time to sell Scream Sturridge?


I just depleted my coins on IF Jagielka, iF inigo and Scream Sturridge. So when should I look into selling those? You will also update on when to sell?


What do you think to investing in SIF Luiz Gustavo. He is currently at around 21K, the same price as his first IF card. Surely that price will increase when he is out of packs and the SBC’s have ended?


Do you know if during TOTY promotion, there will be any SBC’s that will require IF cards? After I spent almost 1 million on Jabielka and Inigo, I’m trying to figure out, why would people buy them.
I don’t think so many people will do the POTM SBC, I mean Harry Kane is not a good card, his pace with hunter is under 90. His 89IF is 200k, so he isn’t expensive at all. And the only ICON SBC that is worth doing is Rui Costa, the others cost around 200-300k less them their tradeble card.


Thoughts on if they will lower in price after squad battle rewards?

picking martinez up for 18k atm surely wont go lower?


chief how will his price go up though? surely the massive supply will keep his price at around ~20k?


also thoughts on 85 gustavo at ~23k? next cheapest 85 if is 30k


The price will go up after the release of TOTY, wen EA will release SBC Challenges to stabilize the market, and with the release of POTM, which will probably be Kane, so the price will rise after January 12 when POTM is released.
The problem is, the crash of the market will happen before TOTY is released, so you may want to have some money before TOTY is released to be able to buy something if their price drops. A market crash already happened on December 31, Bale was 350k, Vidal, Naingolan, Kante were under 120k, now Bale is around 380k and Naingolan is 130k.
It’s up to you if you want to invest your money for the SBC’s, or to wait for the crash. The crash will come sooner, but you will PROBABLY make more money with the SBC’s.


Chief when do the scream cards get boosted?


When do we sell these two players?