Marquee Matchups Predictions for Week 18

A lot of good matchups for the weekend of January 19th-21st! The biggest moneymakers will come from investing in the smaller leagues this week (La Liga Bancomer and Eredivisie) so long a they are chosen.

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Ajax v. Feyenoord

The “De Klassieker” was also featured in Marquee Matchups from October 17th. With a lot still on the line, I wouldn’t be surprised if EA chose this fixture again (Ajax is 2nd and Feyenoord is 4th).

OL-Lyon v. PSG

A showdown between two of the top clubs in the French league. PSG currently sits first in the table, and Lyon sits in 3rd. Look to buy French golds for close to discard from either squad.

ย Inter v. Roma

Two storied clubs of Calcio A, this Italian matchup will take place on Sunday, January 21st. Roma (39 points) will look to close in on Inter (42 points). You guess it, discard Italian golds from either squad.

U.N.A.M. v. America

A bit of a dark horse here, but the profits could be huge if EA sets heavy requirements. The “Clasico Capitalino” features two of the three teams that play in Mexico City. There are limited golds from both squads, so look to get silver or gold cards from Mexico for as close to discard as possible.

Which of these matchups will you be investing in?

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