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when do you think is best to sell IF Martinez and If Jagielka?
Thanks agin chief! :)


To get this straight…
The 83-84 rated cards will decrease even further during TOTY because people will be packing alot of those during lightning round SBCยดs?

Then there will be OTW SBCยดs in February that you will need 83-84ยดs?
Am I right?

Thanks in advance Chief.


Ok great.

One quick question. I invested in old IF Brahimi when TOTW was introduced… Before his SIF his IF was 35-40. I bought numerous cards for 27-28k which are now selling for 20k approx. Do you think they will rise up to at least 28-35 again?


@Helgi, search for Luiz Gustavo on futbin. You can see the moment he got his second IF, his 83IF price dropped to 18.5k from 27k and never recovered. I think it’s better to sell the cards now and invest the money in something else.


I was thinking of buying Neymar during soon, should I buy him now, during TOTY, or after? Thanks


I can’t decide between these 2 formations, any suggestions?
Can’t decide between Mbappe and Bale. I played Bale this week and I really liked him. He can score from every place, didn’t even noticed his weak foot. Haven’t played Mbappe, so I can’t compare him. I searched on forums, some say Bale, others say Mbappe but no reason why one is better then the other.
Mbappe is easier to link, so I would have a better team then with Bale.
Bale won’t depreciate very much over time, so I will sell him at the same price, Mbappe has better changes to get another IF.


Go with Bale trust me… That boy is on another level, he lil bros Mbappe. Mbappe is weak, defenders deadass fold that bum, however great finisher, and very pacey. Bale has all these traits but is stronger and has amazing long shots.


When Alexis Sanchez gets transferred to Manchester, his Manchester card will be 89 or 91? Also, do you think his normal Arsenal card will drop in price?

fut buyer

When should we be buying 83/84’s? Today during the release?
Also how much is a good price, 1.5k for 83, 3k for 84?