Investing Opportunity – Summer OTW Cards

The highly anticipated Winter OTW cards will be released on Friday, February 2nd and last through the week/weekend. EA will promote both tradable and untradable SBCs related to the event. Here is how you can best profit off of this coming weekend.

FIFA ’17 Summer OTW Cards

As I mentioned, EA will release four SBCs for the event this weekend – 1) a tradable summer OTW SBC, 2) an untradable summer OTW SBC, 3) a tradable winter OTW SBC, and 4) an untradable winter OTW SBC. With so many highly expensive/highly desired OTW players out there (Neymar, Salah, Mbappe, Ederson, Walker, Aubameyang, Sanchez), you can be sure that the FIFA community will be in a frenzy completing these challenges. As they are completed, the supply of OTW cards hitting the market outweighs the demand, resulting in prices dropping substantially.

Shown below are both Mane and Dembele’s OTW graphs from FIFA ’17. Notice that they bottomed on Sunday only to increase dramatically in the following two weeks.

These cards greatly increased for 3 reasons:

  1. They were due for upgrades during the Ratings Refresh event.
  2. They were OP players that were massively popular to use in game.
  3. They had breakout games in the weeks that followed (Mane earned a spot in TOTW 22).

While we can’t predict which players will have breakout games for FIFA ’18 OTW, we can take a look at which players are due for upgrades and OP.

FIFA ’18 Summer OTW Cards

Neymar, Mbappe, and Salah all are likely to get upgrades in a few weeks. In addition, they are some of the most rapid players in the game, making them some of the most widely used. I would keep an eye on their prices this weekend and look to buy on Sunday if you have the funds.



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Hi chief,
I have around 1.5M and I don’t know what to choose for my future investments. Do you have any advice?


I looked at their prices. Around January 6, their prices had went down. Most players prices were down around January 6. What happened at that time? So you think their prices will go down this weekend?


Ive seen that Eriksen will get an upgrade.

1)This will mean, that he will have 2 normal gold cards(87+88)2 informs(88+89) and 2 hero cards (89+90) – is that correctly understood?

2) Or will his cards automaticly upgrade, leaving him with still 3 cards instead of 6?

If thats 2) is the case, why has his hero card gone Down is Price?


Ok, thank you 🙂 yes he has gone up like all other if cards since toty but just thought he hit the 400k mark, and saw him earlier today at 375k. But thats proberly just the normal marked bounce.


I have 1.5 million to investor. Thinking of buying one mbappe and one salah. When is bets time to buy? Now or later this week?


Hi already mate. When i was ready to buy Salah i was see Lacazzete.
He is in their historic lower price, do you think its a good investing to? (I say this becouse lacazzete have a lower price than salah and i’ll lose less coins with ea tax)



So i was lucky enough to Pack Diego Costa, Batshuayi and Tosun all Winter OTW, could you please give me some Advice? should I keep hold of them? or sell them? or when would be the best time to sell them to get maximum profit. I am a rookie when it comes to all of this. appreciate any advice you can give me. Thanks