Aguero POTM Investments

With 5 goals and 1 assist in 4 Premier League competitions in January, Aguero is a lock for the BPL Player of the Month. Here are some investments you can make in anticipation of the award. 

Refer to 3 Steps to Investing in POTM for more details.



Investment: Franco Cervi

Reason: EA sometimes requires informs from the winner’s nation, and Cervi fits that stipulation as he also comes from Argentina. In addition, you have little to lose here as he is one of the cheapest 82 rated informs on the market; that will keep his price up.

Target Price (Xbox): 14,500




Investment: Sergio Aguero

Reason: Let’s face it – this SBC is going to be pricey. Aguero’s 92 rated card is 1.2 million coins, and EA will have to make this POTM card at least that expensive. A good way to accomplish this is to require his card for on of the SBCs (like they did with Kane for his December SBC). This investment carries a bit more risk, but the rewards could be huge if they do choose to require him.

Target Price (Xbox): 290,000





Investment: Gonzalo Higuain

Reason: High rated squads are another go-to for POTM requirements. Higuain is a good option for that because he hits two birds with one stone; not only is he 90 rated, but he also comes from Argentina. Coupled with the fact that he is one of the cheapest 90 rated players on the market right now, Higuain is a low-risk investment option.

Target Price (Xbox): 65,000




Investment: Nicolas Otamendi

Reason: Where Higuain covers two of your bases (high rating and Argentinian), Otamendi covers three (high rating, Argentinian, and plays for Man City). All of these factors might come into play with the Aguero POTM SBCs, so he could have a very nice return on investment.

Target Price (Xbox): 1,700




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How much time do we have to invest? When ea releases potm??


I invested in 83s recently, so I already have some otamendi cards. Is it better to w8 for potm to sell it than selling it during otw sbc ? How do you think, chief?


Hey chief, I want to invest in higuain tomorrow, how can I know what time exactly should I buy?


What the lightning rounds mean/are?

Borussia teeth✅

I will be investing in inform otamendi as i think his price will rise when this sbc comes out


Does EA release POTM and League SBC on the same day?