3 FUT Investor Accounts You Need To Follow

I’d be lying if I said that all of my FUT trading and investment ideas were thought of purely on my own account. As with all things, it is best to get information from a variety of sources to ensure a complete understanding of the market. Here are 3 Twitter accounts that are a must follow for FUT novices and experts alike.


A top 100 investor, Nick has gained a massive following in the FIFA ’18 campaign. He strives to educate his followers on the ways of the FUT market. His first social platform was Twitch, but with 55,000 subscribers you can find plenty of content from him on YouTube as well.


The FutEconomist uses his University of Virginia Economics education and applies it to the FUT market. In addition to writing for FutHead, he also is active on Twitter and YouTube.


I first began following the Quack Man when he wrote article after article on Reddit’s FIFA page. Not only is he extremely well written, he also has a thorough understanding of all strategies related to FIFA investing – something that FUTBIN recognized and gave him a job for.

The links included are for their Twitter accounts, but be sure to subscribe/follow them on Twitch, YouTube, and Discord as well.