TOTW 21 Investment Watch: Lautaro Martinez

Target Price:ย Less than 11k

Reasoning:ย The Player of the Month Aguero SBCs will drop next week Friday, February 16th. EA tends to require informs from the winner’s nation for those challenges. Currently, Martinez is hovering around 11,000 coins. His discard value is 9,638 coins, so he is an extremely low risk investment.

I like him to rise to between 13-14k leading up to next weekend.

Look to grab him via bid on snipe and sell in the hype a few hours before the POTM announcement. If you want more of a gamble, you could hold in hopes that he will be part of the requirements.

Skepticism:ย To be honest, there’s not much I’m skeptical about here. Discard investments are never a bad play.



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No coins for buy more than on


Sell him around next weekend?


I don’t know if I understood correctly, I bought an IF Lautaro Martinez, should I try to sell him on 16th or 18th?


ps: I’m still a noob in FUT market, don’t judge me :P


Oh I see, I’ll try to sell him before the announcement then. Thanks!