How Lunar New Year Will Effect The Market

How It Works

The Chinese Lunar New Year is a rotating holiday. In 2017, the event took place on Saturday, January 28th. EA celebrated this holiday by offering half-price packs for the FIFA community, and you can see how these promotions effected the market in the graphs below.

This year, Lunar New Year is set for Friday, February 16th. It is highly likely that EA will release discounted packs once again and that player prices, particularly gold cards, will take a heavy hit.

My Advice

1. While only gold cards and TOTW 22 players will be packable, I suggest everyone sell of their expensive players before next Friday. I think the hit that base cards/TOTW 22 players will take will have a “trickle down” effect which will drive down prices of other informs and special cards as well.

2. This event could serve as a great investing opportunity, particularly for TOTW 22 players. With so many packs being opened, their prices could drive down to absurdly low prices. I will post my “Investment Watch” players from TOTW 22 when it is released on Wednesday. 

3. If you have been waiting to build your “dream team”, this is your chance. There will be tons of opportunities to get the players you need for cheap via bid or snipe. Personally, I’ll be looking to put together this squad next weekend.



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Chief, i saw your graphs but im really enjoying playing with my team, but honestly the only expensive player i have in my team are SiF Lozano=55k and Vidal=110k, should i sell them off and buy on 16?


hi chief, i have Son if st card. would you recommend i sell him and buy him back?


Hey chief, what’s you prediction for POTM? Aguero scored 4 goals today, so i’m really positive that will be him. Do you recommend investing players now for his SBC or wait a couple days?


I already invested 400k for the Aguero SBC, what should i do to take the most advantage of the Lunar New Year? Because I don’t even know when the POTM will be realeased. Also should I sell all my club befor Lunar NY? If so, when?
And thanks for the help


hey cheif, i recently bought 85 crespo for 470k. He is now 440k and i was wondering if i should sell him now and buy him even cheaper or just keep him because i have alreaady taken a loss.


I had recently purchased de bruyne again for 155k, should i sell him asap or when should i ?


Will the informs get hit too?? I have ifs like pjanic, insigne, handanovic, benatia… and scream cuadrado. Do you recommend to sell it and rebuy on sunday 18th?? If yea, when shall sell?


Thanks… so i will sell just dybala non in form, and rebuy it later =)


I’m also looking to complete POTM aguero, i packed him unreadable 91 version, what cards should i look to buy to complete his sbc?

Waseeq saifulla

Hey,i just bought vidal alaba boatang and de gea should i keep or sell i will be making 20k loss in tax if i sell now will the loss be more when lunar new year packs come out ?


Hi mate, I would ask you about Lunar New Year.
One important Youtuber in Spain say maybe we dont have ant offer in packs, becouse, last year he says all people descovered a glitch with the divisions and all winned a tons of coins, and the strategy the EA was that promotional packs to destroy the coins of the glitch.
What do you think about that mate? Im confused and i dont know what i do with my cards.


Many thanks mate, then what do you think would be the best time to sell my Gold base cards?

Buzz D

How much do you think SIF Otamendi will be during Lunar New Year? Hoping for around 20k so I can purchase him for my BPL squad for around 60-70k. Do you think his price drop down by 10k, 20k, 25k by chance? Thanks


Should i buy totw players that may be upgraded in winter upgrade?

Kieran Ginnifer

I have a lot of informs which are expecting a ratings upgrad. If these players receive the upgrades as predicted what would that mean for there prices? I know on the whole players will be dropping due to the lunar event. Just wondering if the players who get upgraded will Alison drop in price.