Winter Upgrade Investment: Goncalo Guedes

Winter upgrades are fast approaching, and many players (Salah, Bailey, Kane, etc.) have begun to inflate as a result. Goncalo Guedes, on the other hand, is a player that is off a lot of people’s radar. Here are 3 reasons why he is an amazing investment opportunity.

1. His 83 will be boosted to an 84, no matter how small the upgrade.

All 84 rated informs have value because of SBCs. Here are the cheapest one’s currently on the market.

Guedes currently sits around 25k, so this means that he is at his basement price in terms of 84 rated informs.

2. He is usable in game.

The graphic via FUTBIN below shows the in game stats for 2IF Guedes. Not bad for a 25k player, right? In a league with minimal inexpensive options at the LW/LM/LF position, the Portuguese international is a good bet.

3. The cheaper the player, the better the return on investment.

I’ve said this before, but inexpensive players tend to have the best ROI. For example:

Let’s say you have 500k. You can spend it on (1) 89 rated Salah, or on (20) 83 rated Guedes. If Guedes rises from 25 to 30k, that means that Salah would have to rise from 500k to 600k for the same return. The Guedes scenario is far more likely to happen.

Target Price: 25,000 coins



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He is 30k on PS4, is it worth it?


How to snipe him…? If u use price filter, his first if (80 ovrl) will appear and mess with the sniping… any other solution for snipe?


Either Im doin sth wrong or it doesnt work..


Should we invest even with the Lunar New Year comming?


Hey Chief, as for the SIF of MILINKOVIĆ-SAVIĆ. Price already appears highly inflated. Wondering if it still makes sense to invest?


Thank you! Much appreciated.

Helgi Magnusson

I bought 2 PTG Rashford cards for about 64k last week… you reckon they will inflate as he will get an upgrade tomorrow?
I also have 84 rated Sterling and SIF Bailey as well as the TIF David Silva. I also picked up an IF Lingard for the same reasons.

When will be the best time to offload these for the maximum profit?

Helgi Magnusson

And the hype will be in the hours leading up to the upgrade itself right?

Helgi Magnusson

Do the announcements come in advance like with TOTW?


Still worth to invest? ( bought some, 23k each) Is the best time to sell on this thursday? Did I understand you properly?


Will tell us in this post when to sell exactly? =))


Whats your nick pn Twitter? Same as here?