TOTW 22 Investment Watch: Carvalho

Target Price:ย 22,000 coins or less

Reasoning:ย With Lunar New Year pack promotions coming on Friday, tons of packs are set to be opened (especially when you consider 96 Ronaldo is available). That means there will be massive amounts of TOTW 22 players hitting the market, driving their prices down.

While Carvalho doesn’t have great in-game value, his use comes in the form of SBCs, particularly Prime Icon SBCs. Currently, he is already the cheapest 85 rated inform on the market, and this weekend’s pack openings will only further the gap.

Skepticism:ย Carvalho doesn’t come from a great league or nation in terms of SBC use as there are limited link options from Portugal or the Super Lig.




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Reckon heโ€™ll go up with prime icons maybe coming today?


parejo is great invest?