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Hey chief, now that lunar year is out in what players will we make big profits and when should we sell them?
(By the way thanks for everything and I think you are the best advisor because your help was actually useful)


Sold all my goldcards yesterday and today this morning, got 150k for my griezmann, he is 110k now. Got 80k for Alex Sandro, he is 62k now. etc. Phew! ๐Ÿ˜€
When do think prices will reach button? The market is truly crashing atm.


Hi chief, i sold all my valuable gold cards before the lunar new year event. I invested the money in 22 IFs Guedes 83 and bought 4 ultimate packs (for the price of 2). Now i have some questions:
– I read above that i should wait for selling Guedes till next friday… I bought every card of him for around 28-29k, how much do you think the price will go up after the upgrades? And should i sell him right after the LaLiga upgrades or is better to wait a bit more?
– The 4 ultimate packs gave me a lot of players, some of them kinda valuable (like kroos, casemiro and pique)… when should i sell them? I want my 250k that i spent on ultimate packs back…
– I need to buy back my previously sold players, when is the best time to do it? What about right after i sell the 24Guedes (so i have some extra money) ???


Oh, 2 more questions:
– Should i sold all the 83s and 84s that i bought before? Or is better to wait more?
– And if i could get some more money to invest, in what should i invest further? In more IFs 83 Guedes or in that 2 IF that you suggested? Or is better to start saving money to buy my sold team back?


Hi Chief!

Im thinking about picking up som OTWs, should I do it during Sunday you reckon? Also, should I aim for the likes of Walcott that has a lower rating or perhaps a Coutinho? Thanks in advance!


chief i have 65k to spend should i buy 3 lecomte informs or 3 parejo?