Thursday’s Squad Thread – Week 23

While this site is dedicated to trading and making coins, the whole point of doing so is to build squads we enjoy playing with. I’m curious, who are you guys using? What formations are you running? Any recent breakthroughs with your gameplay? Link your teams in the comments below.

As for me, I’m using this in the meantime until I sell all of my IF Guedes, Lecomte, and Moses. Pretty standard BPL-BuLi hybrid squad with OP forwards and a stout backline. Tactics are set to 65-40 Organized, 47, 63, 53 Free Form, and 60, 65, 36 Cover.

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Im currently using this LaLiga team. . Initially, i used a Premier League team, but after i switched to this, my win rate started to increase quickly. Actually i use the reserves a lot too because everytime a player is 80 stamina or lower, i switch it with a reserve. This is why i invested so much in reserves too, its like having 2 teams. After i will sell my investments, im planning to buy the new TOTW Jordi Alba and a RF Bale to switch for Dembele.


Any chance Lecomte will increase in WInter upgrade?
Got 2 of his IF cards the other day.

I have Benatia IF and Salah POTM in my team.
Salah should get a good upgrade and probably go to 89?
What is the chance that Benatia’s IF card will increase?

My team is attached I think but some pictures doesn’t seem to work. It is Overmars to the left, Hernandez up front and Bergkamp as CAM. Benatia IF as CB.


Lloris 89
Valencia 83 ake 84 luiz 86 sandro 86
Firmino 87 kante 87 larsson 90
Mhki otw salah 88 mané 87


When investing ahead of league sbc’s what are the main things you look at when buying players ahead?


Courtois 89
Walker 83, Van Dijk 83 (trying Mustafi 87 IF), Bailly 84, Rose 82
Mooy 84, Matic 84, Eriksen 87
Marlos 86 IF (Untradable), Lukaku 86, Martial 82
Coach: Mourinho (100 chem)


Hi mate, before the Ney Year I had worst team than now, but I don’t now why now I lose more than before. My 2 teams are: I play with one team and I keep the other team in the bench to recover the stamina. I use this teams for play with 4-1-2-1 (2) using Dembelé or Willian at CAM and if all go wrong i change at this 4-3-2-1 for atack more with the wingers. My favourite style it’s posesion but in FUT dont go very well and I mix posesion with direct game. Ah one thing more to comment, with the olders teams my Lozano (Bale too) in the bench have and average 1 goal for game more or less but with that new team it’s more clumsy and he misses easy goals when before the change of the team he don´t mises anything. I dont remember well my olders teams but i think was more or less the same at the first with Herrera for Pogba, Dybala for Matuidi, and i think it’s done. Ah, my custom tactics are this : 64 – 56 Organized 64 – 58 – 70 Free Form 64 – 58… Read more »