Marquee Matchup Predictions for Week 25

The real money will be in the smaller leagues, so only recommending two matchups this week for investing purposes. Look to get in early and sell in the hype!

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Rangers v. Celtic

Known as the “Old Firm”, this Scottish matchup has even more at stake as Celtic (55 points, 2nd in table) look to close in on Rangers (64 points, 1st in table). Celtic have plenty of golds near discard to invest in, notably Scott Brown, Leigh Griffiths, and Stuart Armstrong.


This Hellas Liga showdown – also known as the “Double-Headed Eagles Derby” – pits PAOK (52 points, 1st in table) against AEK (51 points, 2nd in table) in a battle for first place. PAOK players are a bit inflated, but there are still some discard golds on AEK to invest in.

Which of these matchups will you be investing in?

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I just started playing FUT about a week ago, and after a bit of a splurge on packs I found myself with some coins that I did not know what to do with while deciding on which players to invest in for my squad.
I just stumbled over this website and now I’ve gone from about 240k to 818 coins, but instead I have 10 Liverpool Coutinhos and a bunch of Browns, Armstrongs and Griffiths. Needless to say that if this ~240k investment pays of I owe you a huge one and you have a new member of your fanclub!


Thank you for taking the time to answer, and thank you for your whole site and time invested to help us newcomers out. It’s really great to have a place like this to look at for us! So please keep up the good work!
I will take your advice to heart and try to offload my investments at the right time. Here’s to hoping for some profit!