TOTW 24 Investment – 82 Rated Informs

Players: Christoph Kramer, Matthieu Debuchy, Ismaily, Teemu Pukki, Bafetimbi Gomis, Alessio Romagnoli, Adrian Mierzejewski, and Lukasz Teodorczyk

Target Price: 10,750 or under

Reasoning: I have always been a big believer in discard investments. These 82 rated players from TOTW 24 have gotten EXTREMELY cheap. While I think some are better looks than others (Romagnoli, Kramer, and Debuchy because of good leagues and nations), I still think any of these players for 10,750 coins or less is a great buy. With St. Patrick’s Day and FUT Birthday on the horizon (see FUT Events Calendar), you can be sure that high rated informs like these will be required for some SBCs.

The best way to buy these players is by mass bidding; simply set your filters to Special – Max Bid 10,750 coins and grab any of these 8 players you can.



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So picking up 82 informs around 10.5k each week, should net me some profit if I hold on to them a few days after their out of pack right?


84 rated inform Jarsten is also a great buy, picked up for like 18k on Sunday and currently going for 22k
-PS4 market