OTW/PTG Investing Strategy

Over the past few weeks, I have been monitoring a trend with OTW and PTG cards that have a shot at TOTW.Β 

You’ll notice that even after the initial surge following a TOTW-worthy performance, their price still continues to rise leading up to the Tuesday before the TOTW announcement. This week, Sane and Ederson have also had similar chart patterns.

My advice? Keep a watchful eye on players who have a good shot at making TOTW. Invest in them early, and offload them on Tuesday in the hype for the announcement on Wednesday. Use this page as a guide for players who might get TOTW.



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As for otw cards, I understand the hype which arises because of the possibility of getting upgrade if the player occures to be in the totw. .. but ptg cards..? Are they receiving an upgrade too?


Btw, do champions league matches caunt when players are selected to totw?


Hey man the account u mentiond is just a tad bit political and is hard to navigate for totw nominees, u got another ?


At this point do you think Mbappe rebounds? I’m losing way too much if I sell but it seems to be pointless to keep holding him…


Hey Futchief,
first of all thank you for this website I learn a lot.

also the way to invest in a potential TOTW card is to buy what version of the card?

for example if mbappe might get TOTW so what i need to buy to invest in it? a normal card/IF/OTW? i got ocnfused