Thursday’s Squad Thread – Week 25

While this site is dedicated to trading and making coins, the whole point of doing so is to build squads we enjoy playing with. I’m curious, who are you guys using? What formations are you running? Any recent breakthroughs with your gameplay? Link your teams in the comments below.

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I currently run this squad:
Pretty happy with my belgium hybrid, especially nainggolan and KDB, they really are fun to play with.

Not so sure about my attackers, thinking of upgrading them to this squad:
(tried larsson and really liked him, but everybody is waiting for prime crespo so i invested the coins instead for the moment)

Also thought about upgrading to the overused bayern trio, cause its so hard to play against:

Any thoughts what you would do chief?


Thx! Really interested in your squad or more players you liked so much you would recommend them, players we can trade our way to.


I have larsson, would he be better at cam?


His passing is not the best but his finesse shots are heavenly


I’m using this one:

I always wanted ronaldinho as I love to play technical games so do I love dribblers. As the ronaldinho is too expensive for me, I’m during submitting prime okocha sbc (with hope he is at least 75% as good as ronaldinho :d ). Pirlo and pjanic are great playmakers and makes me feel free to play with long passes. Long passes from them usualy go to dybala who is also great finisher, distance shooter as well as assistant. Assistant to del piero who is beast in the box, trust me, he can score from every position =D. As for defence, there is alex sandro (the only better option is roberto carlos, but I think I wont change alex sandro for now) chiellini who is great CB and also gives the chemistry to pirlo. If bentia the best on this position from calacio a. And cancelo ( lots of ppl uses florenzi, I tried too, I dont know why but cancelo makes his job better for me). And sif Handanovic 90 as GK – nothing to add, I would not change him for de gea ;)


How is Chiellini compared to Manolas? Manolas is faster. Have the same Benatia.

Tried Rijkaard a couple of matches now and so far not a big success. He feels slow. I have to learn playing with him.


Maybe chiellini is a little bit slower than manolas, but pace is not everything, there are lots of reasons why I use chiellini…
1. With shadow chemistry style I dont really feel that he needs more pace.
2. He is strong and has great defending stats (better than manolas)
3. His passing is also better than manolas’ (I used to play manolas, and he quite often missed his passes, anyway he is good too)
4. Chiellini gives the chemistry for my Pirlo, as both of them are italians)


I’m enjoying this team at the moment. A little different to what you normally come up against online. Just a fun and different team to play with. Change in game to the 4-2-3-1 formation


I think he’s fantastic. Strong and almost impossible to knock off the ball. Good passing range as well. I play him in more of a defensive midfielder position and not tried him at cam yet, but he has scored a fair few headers from set pieces