TOTW 25 Investment: Franco Vazquez

Player: Franco Vazquez, 86 Rated Inform

Target Price:ย 32,000 coins

Reasoning:ย High rated informs always have value because of Prime Icon SBCs – many of them require high rated squads with multiple informs. Franco Vazquez is already the cheapest 86 rated inform on the market.

In addition, he has a great league and nation (La Liga and Italy) that make him easier to link when completing challenges with chemistry requirements.

Lastly (and this is a big one), high rated informs will be valuable for the upcoming FUT Birthday event at the end of the month. Last year, EA released special versions of David Luiz, Fernando Torres, and El Shaarawy.

In order to obtain these, players had to complete SBCs with lofty requirements: 86, 87, or 88 rated squads with 5, 6, or 7 informs.

As a result, high rated informs (86s and 87s especially) shot up in price.

Even if EA doesn’t decide to release FUT Birthday Special Cards, I expect the FIFA community to catch wind of the event and Vazquez to rise in the hype.



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Chief, as you operate with xbox prices.. i.e. vazquez’s minimum price on xbox is 33,5k, so you suggest to snipe or sth for 32k. In my case (ps4) his minimum price is 36,25k. Will it be ok if I snipe for lets say 35k??


I went ahead and bought 6 of him for under 35K. Should I sell them now and buy him back or just hold on to it and hope for the best?


Thx. Will do! Do you think we should buy PTG cards and/or 83/84s for tonight?


Btw, Irish players shot up to 1,9-2,0k. Do you think it’s a time to take the profit and invest elsewhere (for example in vazquez if) =)?


Its good to invest in other 86 and 87 aswell?


Bought 1 Vazquez for 28k. Donโ€™t have more coins since I got Rijkaard.


When do we sell him?


Riski buying him 37-38k now, before the grand opening?


Im feeling lucky, so picked up 20 something ๐Ÿ˜ฌ


You Think there is Big difference in picking up Jonas SIF and vazquez? Jonas is 2k cheaper


Dear Mr. Chief,

Vazquez is currently buzzing around 31k on PS4 according to Futbin. In this situation should I be looking to:

a) Take the loss and invest in something hopefully quite profitable in the near future (Sung Yueng, for example)

b) Wait it out and see if EA release any more promotional SBC’s this weekend (I presume there’s an upcoming SBC for all FIFA’s subsequent to 09. That said, the 09 SBC seems to offer little reward and I can’t see them becoming a particularly grand attraction. Also the SBC Birthday Players on offer seem a bit naff.)

c) Wait it out even longer, wait for Vazquez to pick up in price and perhaps even wait for a decent Icon to turn up (I’m thinking Maldini, being so high rated and Italian, would be ideal in this scenario. That said, I have no evidence other than a few YouTube rumours to suggest his SBC might be around the corner so I can’t deny that it would be a move based out of anything other than very thin speculation).

Any advice would be greatly appreciated,




Option d) witch I will take: Stop playing this fucking game!


Being that he’s already back up to 35k and it looks like a Kaka End of an Era SBC will be arriving imminently I’m going to hold and try to get, at the very least, a minor profit. Feel free to disregard my previous message.