TOTW 25 Investment: Sung Yueng

Player: Sung Yueng Inform

Target Price: 14,000 coins

Reasoning: With 4 goals so far for the month, Heung Min Son is the frontrunner for the March Premier League POTM. Often times EA requires informs from the winner’s nation for the SBCs, and Sung Yueng is the only other South Korean inform in the game. Even if he isn’t required, I expect him to rise in the hype just as Egyptian informs (Fathi) did for Salah’s POTM.



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Borussia teeth✅

Didn’t salah get potm in march?


After the success following your advice on Countinho (bought around 15-20 of him) I’ll jump on your advice this time as well! Do you think it’s smart to spread out the risk? I was going to buy Messi for my squad, but now half of my funds are already locked in to a bunch of Ki Sung Yuengs. Should I throw the rest on cheap non-inform golden SMS?


Shall we offload savics, goretzkas and martials???


I noticed him being hard to find cheaper than 12k. Thanks anyway!
And yeah. I guess I’ll invest everything in Ki and hope he pays of. Try to stay patient and wait for Messi to debut a little while longer


thank you futchief i take your advices! I bought coutinho and made 150k profit now i invested 400k my average buy price is 15750 because unfortunatly the inflation started


How about high rated Tottenham players like alderweild and vertonghen. They are not so short in supply as coutinho was but will be needed for the Tottenham squad?


To what number do you predict his price rise to? 20k? 25k? or more?


Hey Chief, would you consider it is too late to jump in the 83s with an average price of 1.7k-1.8k on PS4 atm? I have 200k in the bag and I want some quick ROI, even if it’s not much. Would Sung Yueng be better for short term than 83s?


Many thanks, will try it out and update on results But do you believe I will need my 200k for this method? If not, which investment is more suited for my budget? 83s o Sung Yueng?


can you explain please, also if its possible I would like to donate to you for your precious work.
contact me in mail about it


Ok thanks, I sent you a mail replay there


Bought about 10 sung Yueng.
When should I sell them?