Icon SBC Investment: 87 Coutinho

In case you missed it, FUT Birthday is upon us. Thus far, EA have released FUT Birthday cards and End of an Era Kaka SBCs, and more promotions are scheduled up until Sunday, March 25th. One of these promised promotions are new Icon SBCs (see direct article from EA here). With only 5 icons remaining (Zanetti, Ronaldo, Pele, Gullit, and Maldini), we have a good chance of getting a top-tier icon tomorrow. Here is why 87 rated Philippe Coutinho is a great, low-risk investment in that case.

1. He is the cheapest 87 rated player.

High rated players always hold value in FIFA Ultimate Team because they are useful for SBCs, particularly for expensive Prime Icons (see Vieira and Maradona). If we get a highly desired icon like Ronaldo, Gullit, or Pele tomorrow, you can be sure the 87 market as a whole will rise. If not, they still hold value and shouldn’t take a hit.

2. Pele and Ronaldo are Brazilian. So is Coutinho.

Many of our Icon SBCs, including Vieira and Maradona like I mentioned above, have nation requirements.

Here is an SBC for Prime Icon Vieira (he is from France).

Here is an SBC from Prime Icon Maradona (he is from Argentina).

While the minimum team rating is low for both, I foresee Pele and Ronaldo being MUCH more expensive than these two. One way EA could potentially make it more expensive is by increasing the squad rating requirement for SBCs like this, so players like Coutinho could go up as a result.

3. Coutinho plays for Barcelona. So did Ronaldo.

In addition to nation requirements, Icon SBCs also often have club requirements from teams that the Icon played for. Ronaldo spent some of his career at Barcelona, so we could be seeing an SBC with some Barcelona requirements.



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Sell after sbc release?


Hi mate, I think it’s a fantastic oportunity to put in a lot of coins and ofc I’ll do it but i have two asks, the frist one it’s about what hour EA release what Icons will put in SBC ( I think maybe the best hour for low risk it’s before Ea do this, what do you think?.
And the second one it’s becouse i have one friend and he dont have many coins, I thinked maybe Paulinho can do the same function same coutinho (Brazillian and FCB) Do you think it’s good idea invest in Paulinho the people with more coins?.
Thx at all mate, u’re the best.


Thanks to reponse mate, Im cathing themind of the investor and now I see you have reason about Paulinho.
And about Ea hour its good to learn more about sbc mechanics. Woth that i have for you another answer, when do you think about your experience its the highest hype moment, before Ea release in twitter, when Ea release in Twitter or after they put in the sbc in the console (here i think not becouse many people start to sell and the price down but I want to learn more about thus mechanics and i want to know what do you think)
Thanks mate


So clear men, then I understand if I want to do secure invest the best its sell befote anuncment becouse probably he there will be rise and If i want more risk it’s just wait at sbc.
Thanks man, so useful information


Why 87 and not 86?
Thanks chief


Do you Think 86 will rise if annoncement are made friday?


No just 86 in general.?


What do you set as max. price for him? It seems sure that he will come tomorrow.
Also, how do you think 3 x icons will affect the marked?


Max. Price = coutinho
Out tomorrow = Ronaldo 😅


Actually in terms of better return, Paulinho was a better investment on hype.
83 Paulinho went from 5k to 7k in a span of less than 24 hours
87 coutinho went from 26k to 30k in the same span

So for a player having 130k with 5 coutinho gives you a return of 20k (excluding tax)
And a player having 130k with 26 Paulinho gives you a return of 52k(excluding tax)

But at the same time 26 Paulinho requires a lot of legwork in buying/selling when compared to 5 Coutinho


When tots event will be released? Will market crash giving us opportunity to buy some nice cards? (Was thinking about buying roberto carlos prime version, bonucci or hold, collect more and get ronaldinho – second version probably)


*bonucci toty ofc…


The lowest Buy Now Price (BNP) is 26,500 on xbox. Do you still recommend investing at that price range? (26,500-27,500)


How much time in your opinion do we need to see coutinho rise? (He is 28,5k on ps4 now) or he wont rise anymore and it is time to sell?


He is going for 34k atm on ps4 !!!!


On xbox the prices are quite low still


Doesn’t seem that so many are sold at those prices


Sold my high rated players with ok profit. When do you think 87-88 players are back on lower prices again?