Prices of TOTW 24 Investments

On March 3rd, I posted about buying 82 rated informs from TOTW 24. To emphasize what a safe and profitable investment they are, I thought I’d show you guys what their prices are just a couple weeks later.

If you got these cards for 10,750 coins or less like I recommended (and quite easy to do at the time), you are looking at making almost 50% return on investment.ย 

This year, I have made most of my coins on these type of investments (Zieler from Black Friday and Benjamin Andre from FUTMAS, for example). High rated informs (81’s and 82’s) that you can get for close to discard prices are ALWAYS going to be profitable. Keep that in mind as you keep trading and investing in FIFA 18 and future installments of the game.



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With Toni kroos getting and inform, his nif will be out of packs and if a 90 rated squad is needed for a prime icon could this see his nif rise and be a good investment?