Thursday’s Squad Thread – Week 27

While this site is dedicated to trading and making coins, the whole point of doing so is to build squads we enjoy playing with. I’m curious, who are you guys using? What formations are you running? Any recent breakthroughs with your gameplay? Link your teams in the comments below.

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Keith Cully

Hi chief bought loads of motm fernandes and Germain for 18k. Do u think these will rise at all? Cheers

Keith Cully

Cheers chief, always sound advice even when I don’t like it. Thanks


Iโ€™m playing a Serie A 4-2-2-2, trying to decide what players to invest in next. Might want to turn it in to a hybrid squad, or just splurge all my coins on Messi to finally be able to use him as a CAM next to Dybala.


Get Crespo and put Dybala at Cam next to Crespo


Using 4-1-2-2, Neymar LM, If Willian RM, Prime Costa CAM. Aguero and Jesus. Thinking to switch Jesus with If Firmino to maintain full Chem with Neymar. Suggestions please ๐Ÿ™‚


You wouldnt get a better return over cost if you do replace Jesus with if firmino. I think the 83 jesus would do the job anyday for you in that squad. Also there isnt much difference between 83 Jesus and IF firmino. But if you do want to try out Firmino try out the SIF one


I play fut on nintendo switch, the market is much smaller compared to the other systems. Due to this im not quite sure on what to invest my coins, I currently have around 100k. Prices are way higher than on ps or xbox.