Marquee Matchups Predictions for Week 29

Three huge matchups for next weeks predictions – one from the Premier League, one from La Liga, and another from the less followed Saudi Professional League.

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Manchester City v. Manchester United

While Manchester City (81 points, 1st in table) has all but locked up the BPL title, don’t be mistaken thinking that this matchup won’t be take seriously. Manchester United (65 points, 2nd in table) looks to get redemption on their cross town rivals after their 2-1 defeat in December. Ashley Young is the best look for investment as he is near discard, English, and plays for United – very low risk there.

Atletico Madrid v. Real Madrid

A lot is at stake in the “Madrid Derby” as Atletico (64 points, 2nd in table) looks to hold their lead over Real (60 points, 3rd in table). For the same reasons as Ashley Young above, Vallejo is a good option for investing.

Al Hilal v. Al Ahli

Marquee Matchups from Week 17 was the last and only time we saw the Dawry Jameel League featured this season. We could see them featured again as Al Hilal (52 points, 1st in table) hopes to get closer to the league title in a bout against Al Ahli (51 points, 2nd in table). Bronze and silvers from Al Hilal are going for minimum BIN; if you choose to invest here, buy them for as close to discard as possible and sell in the hype a few hours before the announcement.

Which of these matchups will you be investing in?

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No point in investing in Al Ahli and Al Hilal, MattFUTTrading ruined it by putting that game in his leak/prediction and inflating the prices


Plenty of Al Hilal for discard or little more there, al Ahli inflated tho.


What price of vallejo and young (in the hype) do you predict?