Thursday’s Squad Thread – Week 28

While this site is dedicated to trading and making coins, the whole point of doing so is to build squads we enjoy playing with. I’m curious, who are you guys using? What formations are you running? Any recent breakthroughs with your gameplay? Link your teams in the comments below.

Chief’s Current Squad


In Game

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Nice team Chief! How good is 90 Gullit.. I love him – heโ€™s everywhere! Do you plan on keeping him.. I fear he will start to drop in price soon??


Enviable team Chief! Would love to get to a stage to try out that Midfield of yours! Is it possible to embed imgur images in the comment

This is my current team ingame all on full chem
Martial – PTG Firmino – PTG Willian
Vidal – OTW Tolisso
Alaba – Sokratis – Boateng – Walker

With 800k in the bank, in however long it takes to get to 1.2 mil will be when I then use that to buy CR7, and reinvest the money in my team into a new team. At current prices if I had 1.2 mil in the bank now this is what I’m looking at, what do you think?

Bale – PTG Firmino – 86 Yedder
Vidal/Tolisso – Casemiro
Alaba – Boateng – Luiz – Valencia

In-Game formation ^^^ only concern is Casemiro but he’s vital to getting CR7 and Bale on full chem in a 4321


shoot sorry Chief

You like Casemiro? he’s the only way I can work out to get Ronaldo bale firmino on full chem but am worried how viable he is in the WL . If there was a la liga CAM that could match SIF Firmino (so so good for me) I would jump on them and get a better CDM, but I can’t see any

Can I ask Chief why you have gone big money on midfielders like Guillit and Viera rather than attackers like CR7 and Bale? CR7 will be the first player above 220k I buy, as I feel like he will seriously improve my WL performance


Thanks chief that squad looks insane and I could hypothetically afford that in a month !!

Will see how I go with Casemiro and if he doesn’t work I will revaluate and see if I can get a player to perform as high as SIF firmino while trying modric


I play in 3-4-1-2

Aguero – Larson
Rui Costa
Alexis – Vidal – Modric – Bale
Boateng – Mathaus (baby) – Ramos

Chief, that Vieira is worth the Money?


Nice squad chief. Who would you say is your favorite out of the lot?
And do you think TOTS players prices will be similar to TOTY or lower?


yeah, Gullit 90 has been a game changer for me… I’m picking up 88 Vieira next.. How is Moses


I spent a lot on SBC Rijkaard to get him. Donโ€™t think he is so good. Might be the way I play. He has good passes but rarely intercepts.

Would be nice to test Gullit but will never happen.

My team is:

Need a better CB, RM and maybe RB.
86 Walker as CB would be nice.

I really hope for PL SBC today!