[Repost] Marquee Matchups Prediction: PSV v. Ajax

First of all, cheers to all of you that invested in Basel v. Young Boys and made some nice profit! They didn’t rise as much as I had hoped in the hype, but EA chose them for Marquee Matchups and they shot up as a result.

Because of the success of this investment, I thought I’d post another Marquee Matchup shout for Week 30, courtesy of Eredivisie.

Ajax v. PSV

On Sunday, April 15th, Ajax (64 points, 2nd in table) will look to close in on PSV (71 points, 1st in table) for the league title. Not only does this matchup have huge standings implications, the derby – known as De Topper – is one of the biggest rivalries in the Netherlands. FUT Analytics Predictions show this fixture as the 2nd most voted to be chosen by EA for Marquee Matchups in Week 30. You can be sure that players will rise in the hype as a result.

My recommendation is to buy the cheapest players available from either club, because they will yield the best return – bronze, silver, or gold doesn’t matter. Players from PSV are currently cheaper than players from Ajax, so look to grab them early and sell in the hype a few hours before the Marquee Matchups Week 30 announcement on Tuesday, April 10th.

Note: Like I mentioned in the Basel v. Young Boys article, I know people that buy over 1000 of these players and sell in the hype. The more you buy, the more profit you can make. If you are unsure how to buy more players than your transfer list holds, check out this article.



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“..sell in the hype a few hours before the Marquee Matchups Week 30 announcement on Tuesday, April 10th.”

What time will that be? And time zone?


Hi Chief, I bought about 60 players from the Saudi Arabia clash, Manchester Derby clash, and some from a hopeful Cardiff clash – if i’m lucky hope to see them in Marquee Matchups later

What’s the best time to sell?

Will look at getting on this Eredivisie game after too


Wouldnt you take a gamble with vallejos and youngs? :d


Is it possible to get 1000 players in pile on mobile?


I did it with 100 players, but there are only 50 players in unassigned section on my mobile… where are others ? :/


Gr8. Thanks dude !


I invested on the basel x young boys preddiction and got like 200k profit, for that, tank you very much. But i have a question. You say to sell on the hype, but when i invested on basel players the price didn’t rise before MM release. In that case if it happens again with Ajax/PSV players what should we do?


how high do you think the prices in the hype should be, before selling? Bought 200+ Ajax gold players at 350.


So should we buy bronze/silver players?


if it is not chosen for the MM, is it not safer to buy gold, because of the lower difference between QS and min. bid, and because the gold ones sells 95% of the time, with BIN 400.
Many bronze players from the clubs dont sell at BIN 200..


So literally just any players from the psv vs Ajax?

I am totally confused

Hi Chief,

This week EA turned the tables. They brought on all the europa league clashes, and I was lucky enough to make some profit as I invested in AM players, (notably correa who shot from 1.3k to 4.1k). This has got me to think, however, that the case might be the same next week. Are we going to actually see Schalke vs Dortmund, Benfica vs Porto, PSV vs Ajax, Basaksehirspor vs Galatasary (All of which are six pointers and have battles between 1st and 2nd or 2nd and 3rd), or are we going to see Champions league games or Europa League games. (Lazio vs Roma is a notable mention). Perhaps it would be nice to see what EA did last year at this point for a better prediction.


Do you think that gold rare (600 discard price) will rise to 1k in the hype?


Already bought about 300 golds so I have to just hope they will rise at least to 900 coins each…


When shoul we start selling?


A little too late 😀
This post was for last weeks MM