Q & A Tuesday – Week 29

A weekly thread meant for discussion about anything and everything related to the FUT market. Pose your questions about player prices, investing and trading strategies, or upcoming events. I will answer questions as quickly as I can, but if you can respond before I do, feel free to hop in the conversation!

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Would buying informs of TOTS cards at a lower price and reselling them later on be viable like last year?


Chief, if there are cards in “unassigned” section, is it possible to open packs (for example from wl rewards)?? Asking because I want to go all in with your ajax vs psv mm prediction and I am curious if I can open wl rewards after investing =)


Ok, thanks Chief


Chief, what kind of SBC you think are more worth doing? League, Icon, Advanced, Live….


Do you think it will be still possible to get some discard ajax and psv investments on thursday after wl rewards? (Already bought 50 gold frankie de jong and ramseelars for discard price)


Ok, so will not give a fuck about wl rewards and open it later, and invest now. Thanks


I have bought many sung informs,
you still think son can get potm? should i keep them?


I have a problem with clearing expired items from my target list (on mobile app)… I can’t clear it nor assign… Any tips?


This is how it looks like…



The problem concerns the web app as well as mobile app. (I use both)


I have the same issue every now and then. The only solution I’ve found is to connect to FUT on the console, then to clear whatever items are stuck. It doesn’t work on the web app or the mobile app, but it does on the console, at least for me.


Yeah, but if I clear stuck items using console, will it clear items also on my web app?

Priyank Joshi

When do you think will be a good time to invest in normal 83,84s for TOTS?


I bought a number of 81 rated IF Tomkins on minimum bid a few weeks ago thinking that they might make a nice investment for POTM SBC’s. From reading your latest TOTW investment post I see that 81 rated informs could also be a good shout for TOTKS SBC’s also.
For what SBC event do you predict Tomkins could be most profitable? Does the fact TOTS is coming soon set a hypothetical profit cap on POTM investments?


Ok, thanks for the tip. Being that I’m already in the black on Tomkins I’m quite happy to wait for TOTKS.
In regards to my question about investment profit being capped due to the upcoming TOTS, I was asking in relation to the fact that Salah already has a legion of IF and POTM cards and will be getting a much higher rated card upon TOTS, all of which surely dilutes his desirability and thus the demand for POTM investment cards? Alternatively, will the effect of the upcoming TOTS be negligible and will the demand for POTM Salah be as high as his previous POTM cards?


Ah yes, I’ll keep an eye out and thanks for the tip.


Yo Chief.
Whats your take on, when a player gets his TIF, how much does it usually affect the prices on his SIF and IF ? Is there a pattern?
This example, im thinking on Pogba, after his two goals yesterday. When, in the hype on him getting a TIF, will prices be on the lowest? During the game, right after the game, or the hours before TOTW is revealed?