[Repost] 3 Advantages of Having Multiple FUT Accounts

Often times people overlook the fact that they can have alternate accounts for FIFA Ultimate Team. There are three (3) main reasons why having an additional club can be hugely beneficial for generating coins.

1. SBCs

There are particular Squad Building Challenges in FUT that can be done for extremely cheap when considering the value of the rewards. For example, the “It Takes Eight” SBC in the Hybrid Nations category can be done for 8,000 coins (or cheaper if you’re patient and bid on players). The reward is a prime gold players pack which has an average value of 7,350 coins. The other SBCs in Hybrid Nations (“Quads”, “The Six”, and “National Pride”) can be completed for good value as well.

Unfortunately, the advanced challenges aren’t repeatable, so you can only complete them once per account. However, additional accounts allow you to submit them as many times as you’d like. For the pack opening addicts among us, this is a great option.

2. Trading

Ever been limited in your trading options because your transfer list and/or unassigned pile is full? With an extra account, you are not restricted by this, allowing you to have one account for long-term investments and another for short-term trading.

3. Extra Transfer List Space

There are some situations in FIFA where players sell for the most in a very specific window. For example, new SBCs (Marquee Matchups, POTM, etc.) tend to be the most expensive shortly after they are released. Multiple accounts yields extra transfer list space, allowing you to sell off your investments as quickly as possible and maximize your profit.

NOTE: Realize having multiple accounts requires you to transfer coins if you want to consolidate to one club. EA takes this seriously, so proceed with caution if you choose to do so.



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Priyank Joshi

But EA does not allow us to share coins between accounts right?


Wich ways?
Can you tell?

Priyank Joshi

Yeah, got 200K coins in another account but scared to put 500K I got at stack for it.. ๐Ÿ˜‰