Investing In TOTW Base Cards

This is a strategy that I utilize heavily at the beginning of the game. For the longest time, I didn’t think it was applicable this late in the game. However, after some research on FUTBIN graphs from the past couple weeks, I’ve noticed that it is indeed a viable technique even in April.

How It Works

When a player gets in inform or special card, it removes his base card from packs while the special card is available. For example, Jorge Meré made it into TOTW 27. His inform was available from March 21st to March 28th, meaning that his base card was removed from packs during that time.

Take a look at what happened to his price during that period.

Cenk Tosun was also in TOTW 27, and his price had a solid increase as well.

There are a couple examples from TOTW 28 too.

Targets from TOTW 29

Players: Luis Alberto, Jannik Vestergaard, Luís Hernández, and Rémy Cabella

Target Price: 1,000 coins or less (for any of them)

Target Sell: 2,500 coins or Wednesday, April 11th – whichever comes first



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What drives the demand for Vestergaard? Must be SBCs right? Otherwise he’s not a very usable card with 46 pace and so there would be no demand for him and thus significantly limited price increase.


Vestegaard going for 9k + on xbox right now, hernandez going for 2500. I Made A huge profit on this article, Thank you very much


wow why did he rose so much on xb but not significantly on ps?