TOTKS Crash Incoming: Sell Your Stuff

As I’ve said for the past couple weeks, Team of the Knockout Stage will likely drop on Friday, April 13th. With it we will see new cards, SBCs, and pack promotions. Here is how the event effected the FUT market last year.

Index 100

FUTBIN’s Index 100 tracks prices of the top 100 players in the game. Last year, the market sat at 52.54 points on Thursday, April 20th. Team of the Knockout Stage was released on Friday, April 21st.

FIFA players everywhere couldn’t resist the chance to pack Ronaldo, Dybala, or Aubameyang, so TONS of packs were opened for this event. As a result, the market tumbled all the way to 42.29 points on Monday, April 24th.

Individual Player Prices

Here is how some of the most expensive and usable cards in FIFA 17 fared over the event duration:

All of these players were packable during the event. Their supply drastically increased, and the demand could not keep up. Therefore, their prices took a heavy decline.

While 88 IF Son was not packable during this event, his price was indirectly effected as a result of so many similar packable players having big dips in price.

Chief’s Advice

  • Sell any player you have that is over 100,000 coins before Friday, April 13th
  • Buy your teams back sometime early next week (Monday, April 16th-Wednesday, April 18th)



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O money

But won’t they crash again during TOTS


No matter card type?

Do you Think dybalas tif is low because he maybe will get a fif tonight, or will not rebounce before the crash ?


What about investing in 81-82 cards as no doubt they’ll e needed for sbcs during that event??


Do you think POTM will be a bit of a flop with TOTKS on Friday and TOTS not too far away. Is there any point in investing as there may not be many takers ?


Those BPL informs starts up at 13k. Is it worth buying at this price?


Ok. I’ll do that.


I bought PTG SMS for ~450k. Might get 250 for him now. Bought SIF Perisic for around 120 and he might sell for 70. Is selling still worth it?


I also bought 93 Messi for 500k. Should I try to sell him for 420k now? Might rebuy him if he drops much or just straight replace him


Thank you!


Yo chief, do you think Firmino is gonna get an other IF or TOTKS?


Thanks man, You the boss! Btw have you played with the Rooney fut birthday card? If so, what’s your opininion about him?


Yeah i use him and i like him most of the times but sometimes he seems broken. Btw do you think TOTKS is still coming? And i was wondering if a PTG card gets upgraded if the player gets a TOTS? because EA don’t really give people too much info. would be really stupid if the ptg doesn’t get upgraded cause i have ptg firmino and willian. Thanks Chief!


What is expected to be released today) TOKS or TOTS?


Is expected to sell all 81 IF unitl monday 16, right?