TOTW 30 Base Card Investments

Players:ย Rene Adler, Aritz Elustondo, Gabriel Paulista, and Memphis Depay

Reasoning:ย If you took my advice last week, you made some nice profit with TOTW 29 base cards. For the last few weeks, base cards that were removed from packs because of TOTW have went up in price, partially because of league SBCs that require them and partially because of investors buying up the supply. I expect the same to happen this week with these four players.

I particularly like the two La Liga players as an investment because of the recent La Liga League SBC – they are in high demand as a result.

Target Price:ย This varies by console. Unfortunately, I got tied up and am posting this article a little later than I wanted to, and prices have already risen a bit since the TOTW announcement; however, I expect them to continue to rise even more. Look at FUTBIN graphs using the links for each player above and make your own judgement call. If you do choose to buy, realize the sooner you do it the better.

Sell By:ย Next week Tuesday, April 17th.



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What are the price Target for sell?


You Can make huge profits dont sleep om this one !


They are over 1500 coins now (on PS4). It worth buy at this price?