OTW/PTG Fixtures This Weekend

***League fixtures only – only they count toward TOTW***

 PlayerGame Time (UK)
Asensio – Real Madrid/SpainSunday, April [email protected]:45PM v. Malaga
Aubameyang – Arsenal/GabonSunday, April [email protected]:30PM v. Newcastle
Aurier – Tottenham/Ivory CoastSaturday, April [email protected]:45PM v. Manchester City
Babacar – Sassuolo/SenegalSunday, April [email protected]:00PM v. Benevento
Bakayoko – Chelsea/France  Saturday, April [email protected]:30PM v. Southampton
Balde Diao – Monaco/Senegal Sunday, April [email protected]:00PM v. PSG
Barkley – Chelsea/England
Saturday, April [email protected]:30PM v. Southampton
Batshuayi – Dortmund/BelgiumSunday, April [email protected]:30PM v. Schalke
Bernardeschi – Juventus/ItalySunday, April [email protected]:00PM v. Sampdoria
Bertrand – Southampton/EnglandSunday, April [email protected]:30PM v. Newcastle
Bonucci – AC Milan/ItalySunday, April [email protected]:00PM v. Napoli
Bruma – RB Leipzig/PortugalSunday, April [email protected]:00PM v. Werder
Carvajal – Real Madrid/SpainSunday, April [email protected]:45PM v. Malaga
Carvalho – Sporting/PortugalSunday, April [email protected]:15PM v. Belenenses
Coman – Bayern/FranceSaturday, April [email protected]:30PM v. Mönchengladbach
Coquelin – Valencia/FranceSaturday, April [email protected]:15PM v. Barcelona
Costa – Atletico/SpainSunday, April [email protected]:15PM v. Levante
Costa – Juventus/BrazilSunday, April [email protected]:00PM v. Sampdoria 
Coutinho – Barcelona/BrazilSaturday, April [email protected]:15PM v. Valencia
Damm – Tigres/MexicoSunday, April [email protected]:00AM v. Cruz Azul
Dembele – Barcelona/FranceSaturday, April [email protected]:15PM v. Valencia
Deulofeu – Watford/SpainSaturday, April [email protected]:00PM v. Huddersfield
Ederson – Manchester City/BrazilSaturday, April [email protected]:45PM v. Tottenham
Firmino – Liverpool/BrazilSaturday, April [email protected]:30PM v. Bouremouth
Forsberg – RB Leipzig/SwedenSunday, April [email protected]:00PM v. Werder 
Giroud – Chelsea/FranceSaturday, April [email protected]:30PM v. Southampton 
Gomez – Atalanta/ArgentinaSaturday, April [email protected]:45PM v. Inter Milan
Goretzka – Schalke/GermanySunday, April [email protected]:30PM v. Dortmund
Giuliano – Fenerbahce/BrazilSaturday, April [email protected]:00PM v. Sivasspor
Gundogan – Manchester City/GermanySaturday, April [email protected]:45PM v. Tottenham 
Hart – West Ham/EnglandMonday, April [email protected]:00PM v. Stoke City
Hazard – M’gladbach/BelgiumSaturday, April [email protected]:30PM v. Bayern
Hernandez – Real Madrid/FranceSunday, April [email protected]:45PM v. Malaga
Higuain – Juventus/ArgentinaSunday, April [email protected]:00PM v. Sampdoria 
Howedes – Juventus/GermanySunday, April [email protected]:00PM v. Sampdoria
Icardi – Inter/ArgentinaSaturday, April [email protected]:45PM v. Atalanta
Isco – Real Madrid/SpainSunday, April [email protected]:45PM v. Malaga
Jesus – Manchester City/BrazilSaturday, April [email protected]:45PM v. Tottenham 
Kessie – AC Milan/Ivory CoastSunday, April [email protected]:00PM v. Napoli
Lacazette – Arsenal/FranceSunday, April [email protected]:30PM v. Newcastle
Laporte – Manchester City/FranceSaturday, April [email protected]:45PM v. Tottenham
Lemar – Monaco/FranceSunday, April [email protected]:00PM v. PSG
Locadia – Brighton/NetherlandsSaturday, April [email protected]:00PM v. Crystal Palace
Lucas – Tottenham/BrazilSaturday, April [email protected]:45PM v. Manchester City 
Lukaku – Manchester United/BelgiumSunday, April [email protected]:00PM v. West Brom
Mario – West Ham/PortugalMonday, April [email protected]:00PM v. Stoke City 
Marquinhos – PSG/BrazilSunday, April [email protected]:00PM v. Monaco
Martial – Manchester United/FranceSunday, April [email protected]:00PM v. West Brom 
Martinez – Bilbao/SpainSaturday, April [email protected]:45PM v. Deportivo
Martins – Sporting/PortugalSunday, April [email protected]:15PM v. Belenenses
Mbappe – PSG/FranceSunday, April [email protected]:00PM v. Monaco
Meite – Bordeaux/FranceSunday, April [email protected]:00PM v. Montpellier
Milinkovic-Savic – Lazio/SerbiaSaturday, April [email protected]:45PM v. Roma
Mkhitaryan – Arsenal/ArmeniaSunday, April [email protected]:30PM v. Newcastle
Morata – Chelsea/SpainSaturday, April [email protected]:30PM v. Southampton
Musa – CSKA/NigeriaSunday, April [email protected]:30PM v. FC Ufa
Neymar – PSG/BrazilSunday, April [email protected]:00PM v. Monaco
Niguez – Atletico/Spain Sunday, April [email protected]:15PM v. Levante 
Ntep – St. Etienne/CameroonSaturday, April [email protected]:00PM v. Strasbourg
Origi – Wolfsburg/BelgiumFriday, April [email protected]:30PM v. Augsburg
Oxlade-Chamberlain – Liverpool/EnglandSaturday, April [email protected]:30PM v. Bouremouth 
Payet – Marseille/FranceSunday, April [email protected]:00PM v. Troyes
Pastore – PSG/ArgentinaSunday, April [email protected]:00PM v. Monaco
Plattenhardt – Berlin/GermanySaturday, April [email protected]:30PM v. Köln
Rashford – Manchester United/EnglandSunday, April [email protected]:00PM v. West Brom
Rashica – Bremen/KosovoSunday, April [email protected]:00PM v. Leipzig
Rodrigo – Valencia/SpainSaturday, April [email protected]:15PM v. Barcelona 
Rodriguez – Bayern/ColombiaSaturday, April [email protected]:30PM v. Mönchengladbach 
Salah – Liverpool/EgyptSaturday, April [email protected]:30PM v. Bouremouth 
Sanches – Swansea/PortugalSaturday, April [email protected]:00PM v. Everton
Sanchez – Manchester United/Chile Sunday, April [email protected]:00PM v. West Brom
Sanchez – Tottenham/ColombiaSaturday, April [email protected]:45PM v. Manchester City 
Sandro – Juventus/BrazilSunday, April [email protected]:00PM v. Sampdoria
Sane – Manchester City/Germany Saturday, April [email protected]:45PM v. Tottenham 
Semedo – Barcelona/PortugalSaturday, April [email protected]:15PM v. Valencia
Shaarawy – Roma/ItalySunday, April [email protected]:45PM v. Lazio
Sigurdsson – Everton/IcelandSaturday, April [email protected]:00PM v. Swansea
Silva – Manchester City/PortugalSaturday, April [email protected]:45PM v. Tottenham 
Sterling – Manchester City/EnglandSaturday, April [email protected]:45PM v. Tottenham
Stindl – M’gladbach/GermanySaturday, April [email protected]:30PM v. Bayern
Tagliafico – Ajax/ArgentinaSunday, April [email protected]:45PM v. PSV
Thiago – Bayern/SpainSaturday, April [email protected]:30PM v. Mönchengladbach 
Tolisso – Bayern/France Saturday, April [email protected]:30PM v. Mönchengladbach
Tosun – Everton/TurkeySaturday, April [email protected]:00PM v. Swansea 
Traore – Lyon/Burkina FasoSaturday, April [email protected]:00PM v. Amiens
Van Dijk – Liverpool/NetherlandsSaturday, April [email protected]:30PM v. Bouremouth
Varane – Real Madrid/FranceSunday, April [email protected]:45PM v. Malaga
Vardy – Leicester/EnglandSaturday, April [email protected]:00PM v. Burnley
Wagner – Hoffenheim/GermanySaturday, April [email protected]:30PM v. Hamburg
Walcott – Everton/EnglandSaturday, April [email protected]:00PM v. Swansea 
Walker – Manchester City/EnglandSaturday, April [email protected]:45PM v. Tottenham
Welbeck – Arsenal/EnglandSunday, April [email protected]:30PM v. Newcastle
Willian – Chelsea/BrazilSaturday, April [email protected]:30PM v. Southampton
Yarmolenko – Dortmund/UkraineSunday, April [email protected]:30PM v. Schalke

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When do you think a good price to sell discard totw investments is? Have around 30 of them and all prices up around 3.5k and was wondering the whether it is likely they will get higher.


Hi chief! What do you think about invest in totw if 82 Paulista and Adler?