Thursday’s Squad Thread – Week 30

While this site is dedicated to trading and making coins, the whole point of doing so is to build squads we enjoy playing with. I’m curious, who are you guys using? What formations are you running? Any recent breakthroughs with your gameplay? Link your teams in the comments below.

Chief’s Current Squad

Nothing at the moment. Went fully liquid and in investments for the upcoming TOTKS crash.

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Hi, I’m using a 4-3-2-1 formation with Boateng, Alaba and ptg goretzka and I have about 500k to invest in a new squad.
I love Alaba but Boateng is just a bit off and I’d like to apgrade the team without hurting Chem.
Any suggestions?


Yes I did, Boateng is better.
I can replace all three of them.
I thought about toty bonucci, Alex Sandro and birthday Florenzi.
What do you think? They are worth the funds?


Cool, but I need the one cb that can fit right the squad, Chem speaking.


I have now sell my hole team and want a team for about 100 to 200k to play with until tots market crash.