BPL POTY Investments: Schmeichel and Otamendi

Player: 85 Inform Kasper Schmeichel

Reasoning: As seasons come to a close, EA will release special POTY cards. On Sunday, we saw this SBC for POTY Sessegnon from the EFL Championship. Last year, EA released the BPL POTY and YPOTY SBCs for Dele Alli and N’golo Kante on Monday, April 24th. I would expect to see them released over the course of the next several days.

While we can’t be sure exactly who will win these cards, we can venture a guess as to what the SBCs might look like. Last year, both Alli and Kante had high rated informs required in at least one of their SBCs. At the time, Olivier Giroud was the cheapest 85 rated BPL inform on the market. Here is how is price reacted after the SBC release:

Here are the cheapest 85 rated BPL informs on the market right now (click link for live prices).

Target Buy: 30k or less

Target Sell: 40k or Friday, April 27th (whichever comes first)

Player: 85 Non-Inform Nicolas Otamendi

Reasoning: Similar to informs, high rated base BPL cards also saw a nice rise because of the SBC requirements (11 BPL players with a minimum 84 squad rating). Here is how Koscielny’s price responded:

Here are the cheapest 85 rated BPL players on the market right now (click link for live prices).

Target Buy: 14k or less

Target Sell: 20k or Friday, April 27th (whichever comes first)

NOTE: If we get TOTKS on Friday, Otamendi’s price will take a hit as there will be loads of packs being opened. You might be better of waiting on him until Friday, just in case.



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Schmeichel is already at 34k, is it still worth investing?


Too risky in my opinion. I still remember the loss I took with Futmas when I bought high rated IF.


Getting Schmichael for 30k or less on PS4 isn’t going to happen. He’s budget from 34k.


While 81-82 went up to 18k due to EFL POTY, 84s ifs still look like a great investment for EPL POTY which is announced this weekend. I believe this is the last credible investment before TOTS. Chief, what do you reckon?


Target price for 84 IFs? (Buy and Sell)


Buy 84 IF off any league, or only BPL?
Pukki is at 18k. Is this a good deal?


So the ROI is better with 84 than 85 no? Thanks a lot again for the really nice profit with IF!!


Sorry for the post I miss your answer.. For totgs are you going to sell in the hype or are you going to gamble and wait for huge profit?



Is there a chance that ea will not release bpl poty at all? If so happen, will the investment of schmeichel if and other premier league (84 rated if) be useful for bpl tots?


Nah, BPL POTY is 100%. No chance to curveball us there.


Thinking of picking up a few if Joe Harts as investments for poty. What do you think is a good PS4 price to aim to buy and sell for?

O money

Tosun 84 a good investment ?


At this moment the 83/84 players are low. It will be a good option to buy, since the SBC will need this type of players?


Would 40k Zlatan be a good investment for the POTY SBCs as he is by far the cheapest 88 bpl striker?


POTY just dropped. I invested in Morata, Otamendi and IF Schmeichel and being that high rated Chelsea players, Man City players and 84-85 IF’s are a must in the SBC’s, I’m very happy with my choices of investment.
I’m planning on shifting my cards tomorrow afternoon in the hope that SBC cards peak in the evening as they did with the Sessegnon SBC (presumably because the SBC’s are coming out around midnight when everyone in the UK and Europe is asleep). Is this a good plan or should I be looking to shift my cards ASAP?
Happy trading.


I’m waiting ’til after 6pm when I presume the traffic on FIFA will be at its busiest. Hopefully Otamendi and Schmeichel might pick up a bit of a boost as more people exhaust their cards (although they’re both dragging their feet so far in terms of climbing in value).
Do you have any ideas as to what might make a nice investment post-POTY?


Just had a thought: Is there any profit to be made out of investing directly in TOTS cards in the same manner one would invest in TOTW cards i.e. are they likely to rise in value once they leave packs?