TOTW 31 Base Card Investments

Players:ย Sandro Wanger, Giovani Lo Celso, and Kevin Volland

Reasoning:ย If you have been following me for the past couple weeks, I have stressing how profitable TOTW base card investments are (see TOTW 30 base investments or TOTW 29 base investments). These guys play in big leagues and are useful for their league SBCs. When they go out of packs, their supply is cut, and often times this results in an increase in price.

Target BUY: Less than 1,000 coins (for any of them)

Target SELL:ย 2,000 coins or Tuesday, April 24th (whichever comes first)

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is the totw already known?


Wagner and Volland already over 1K at PS, Volland at 1,4 even. Lo Celso still under so im getting some of him. Its so bad you cant have more than 155 players (100 transferlist, 50 watchlist and 5 unassigned) on the web app.


Sounds annoying, are you able to play games on the console if you do this?
If so i might give it a try.


Ah i see, that is indeed annoying. Thanks!


Chief, I got about 100 lo celso for 900-1k each, now we can get him easily for 850. Did I overpay?


Do you recommend to buy more then?


Is buying 83s in bulk wise for the weekend as pretty sure there will be sbcs. If so what price should we be looking to buy at?? Thanks chief


Chief, lo celso stack on 750… do you think his price will rise?