[Repost] Last Minute TOTKS Investment: Cheap 82s

For the past month, high rated players (82s, 83s, 84s, and 85s, mostly) have been heavily inflated in price as a result of the Icon Upgrade SBCs. Last week, those SBCs concluded and prices have returned to more normal levels. However, in the case of 82s, they may have dropped to prices that are too cheap.

Cheapest 82s on the Market

As I’ve been saying for weeks, we are likely to see the Team of the Knockout Stage on Friday, April 13th. Accompanying this team will be SBCs tied to the TOTKS cards. Last year, we saw these SBCs that rewarded a TOTT player (TOTGS or TOTKS) upon completion.

As a result, 82 rated players shot up in price, doubling and sometimes even tripling in value.


Who should I buy? The cheapest 82 rated players on your respective console.

Cheapest 82s on Xbox.

Cheapest 82s on PS4.

Cheapest 82s on PC.

How much should I pay? Less than 1,000 coins.

When should I sell? Either Friday after the announcement (it’s at 6PM UK time) or on Saturday.



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Hi. I’ve got about 80 Felipe cards around 1100 each on average. What sort of price would you expect them to go up too so I can roughly judge a buy it now price.


You sell everything? If totgs and 82?


What about 81 rated informs…?

Helgi Magnusson

Would you keep buying those 81 informs and cheap 82-83 still?
Another thought, with the TOTS coming up soon. Will prices go up after that crash or will the prices hold?
Thinking as I am off to a holiday in a few days to sell off my team and buying 85-88 players in bulk and wait for them to rice or should I just go for buying my team again?


What to do with 82 gold? (Have about 40 fejsa) sell? Or maybe buy more?


Sadly to say that’s nothing totks tonight?


Offload 82s?