Thursday’s Squad Thread – Week 31

While this site is dedicated to trading and making coins, the whole point of doing so is to build squads we enjoy playing with. I’m curious, who are you guys using? What formations are you running? Any recent breakthroughs with your gameplay? Link your teams in the comments below.

Chief’s Next Squad



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I love it! – Looks great….. I have 90 Gullit, Vieira 86, Suarez 94 and Gold Ronaldo… Is it too late to sell?… What price do you think you can pick up a 90 Gullit for?


ok, Thanks.. might sell into the WL build up


I’ve got a TOTW mbappe which people reckon will go up due to Ligue 1 YPOTY when is that announced and what price should I sell in hype you think mate? Thanks


No TOTS cards in your squad chief?


I think he wanted to say TOTY. I’m thinking of using TOTY Henry Kane with CR7. I think I will buy this team tomorrow or on Monday if they don’t release anything tomorrow.


Nah i actually meant TOTS. Yes you can’t put them in your futbin squad, but since there are solid predictions and some of them are very safe to assume, there must be cards you are looking forward to.


hi Chief,
This is what I’m rocking with atm, with my untradeables that I use as subs on bench. Starting team is all tradable

looks like this IG

Same question as above, worth selling off any of my team? got nothing else in the club unfortunately and love playing with these guys (not even a fitness squad) so don’t mind not selling really unless you see it to be a good advantage

Also what you think my next upgrade should be? Casemiro is weak link but does a job and Messi obviously on 8 chem. Can’t really think how to improve next before the big step to Icon.
Was thinking this to get Messi on full chem… but is Paulinho-Ramos-Alba an upgrade or a downgrade on Vidal-Boateng-Alaba… not tried any of the first 3 before so have no idea and the Bayern trio been good for me


btw yours is a GUN squad, very envious. Hoping my trading can keep improving to get to that level eventually


This is my current squad.
Thinking of putting Prime Rijkaard for Modric, but i’m not sure how good he is.


I use prime rijkaard in my main Squad, he is worth every penny absolute beast on CDM


Chief i need your advice on apgrading KDB from gold to SBC KDB.
Is the SBC worth it with tots coming up?


Chief, I can see 91 Ronaldinho in your squad (was wondering about buying him). What’s your opinion? Is he worth 1,3m coins? How’d you like him?