TOTW 31 Investment: Wagner

Player:ย Sandro Wagner

Reasoning:ย While 81 and 82 rated informs have risen as a result of the Sessegnon SBC, 84 rated informs remain cheap.


Over the next couple weeks, we will see POTY SBCs. Last year, many of these SBCs required high rated informs (Kante’s SBC required 11 informs and a minimum squad rating of 84). These players will rise as a result.

Sandro Wagner’s good league and nation (Bundesliga and Germany) make him useful as it gives more options for links in SBCs.

Target BUY:ย 21,000 coins or less

Target SELL:ย 30,000 coins or Friday, May 4th (whichever comes first)



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When is a good time to sell this card because the sane sbc requires in forms from Germany in Bundesliga so his price has gone up 5k. Will it rise more or should we sell?


Tosun if didnt rise, he stayed the same (24-25k) as before the announcement… Do you think he will rise? Or it is time to offload? (Same situation with schmeichel if)


Dude, it’s in the middle of the night in Europe, where the majority of the players are from. Do you really think people stay up until 2-4 AM on a Sunday just to do a fucking SBC? They will rise in a few days, just like Sessegnon


Is it the time of selling totgs card? Very sadly as I bought at20000


Hey Chief,
Reus’ FUT birthday card is currently approx 480K (PS4) which is a drop of about 100k from his price on Saturday. Is it possible his price and others will drop much more coming up to TOTS release?


Yeah, I also noticed that, now I can buy De Gea 93 for my team instead of the 91, but will be waiting for Wednesday to see if I can buy the 94. Wednesday I will definitely buy my team, and I think I won’t sell not even for TOTS, I’m just tired of trading.

biren patel

Hey chief, since how long do you think we should hold the wagner 84 if card.?
Currently its around 25k. Will it increase or we should sell it off..??