Marquee Matchups Predictions for Week 33 (edited)

Big week coming up as semi finalists fight to claim their spot in the Europa and Champions League final. In addition, El Classico takes place on May 6th. I expect Real Madrid v. Bayern, Sevilla v. Liverpool, Arsenal v. Atletico, and Salzburg v. Marseille OR El Classico to be chosen next week. Here is who I’m targeting for these potential marquee matchups.

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 FC Redbull Salzburg

After not being chosen for Marquee Matchups this week, we have had panic sellers getting rid of their Salzburg investments. These players rose quite a bit leading up to the MM announcement this week as they are set for a Europa League semifinal fixture with Marseille on Thursday.

Since they have their second leg against Marseille next week, I anticipate these players rising similarly leading up to the announcement once again. Get your hands on them quick as their prices will rebound after panic sellers stop listing their investments.

Target BUY: Less than 500 coins

Target SELL: Tuesday, May 1st BEFORE THE ANNOUNCEMENT or when they reach 1,500 coins (whichever comes first)

Real Madrid Golds

If the Salzburg investment is too risky for you, another option would be to invest in Real Madrid gold players. This is a great look because Real Madrid could be chosen for both their Champions League Semifinal against Bayern or the El Clasico clash against Barcelona. Here is a list of the cheapest gold players. At the moment, Kiko Casilla and Vallejo go for 800 coins. Since they discard for 650, there is little to lose there.

Target BUY: 850 coins or less

Target SELL: Tuesday, May 1st AFTER THE ANNOUNCEMENT or when they reach 1,500 coins (whichever comes first)



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Hi. Would you buy all types of cards like bronze,silver,golds etc for under 500??


Sandro Wagner if price is constantly dropping. Time to sell now or will his price go up when out of packs?


But won’t he take a hit if some TOTS are released on Friday?


Ya that is exactly what I was thinking.


Their prices rebound today in the morning to 1k+ (I held… 🙁 ), and now plummeted again to 400-500… Hope they will rise again >.<


What about EL CLASICO 06/05 Chief?


I have few coins but I will invest in redbull and real madrid!
just 25k lol
thanks for the answer!


most of Real Madrid’s are almost 1.5k now


I did invest in Real Madrid players. Since Madrid has two chances of being highlighted (Champions League + Clasico), I am thinking of holding my players instead of selling in the hype. You advised to sell them when they reach 1.5k or after the announcement, whichever comes first. Do you think I should sell them now?


Ok, thanks, I’ll do that.