Q & A Tuesday – Week 32

A weekly thread meant for discussion about anything and everything related to the FUT market. Pose your questions about player prices, investing and trading strategies, or upcoming events. I will answer questions as quickly as I can, but if you can respond before I do, feel free to hop in the conversation!

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Wt do u think of tonight mm? The salazburg only gold play jump from 400to1500




Hey Chief! Will you post MM predictions? :)


Chief, as I have some quite expensive players (Handanovic sif, benatia if, insigne if, del piero (already dropped to 500k..), pjanic sif… Should I sell them now and rebuy on lets say 5th may? or it’s too late?

O money

Lo celso didn’t raise at all and I bought them all for 1k just like you said what happened ?


Same here. Another loss. Lost more recently than gained through trading


The TOTW method is worth doing only with discard value cards, not with cards bought for 1k. This is a lesson to not do this trading method anymore from now on.
You asked what happened? I think this cards is only usable right now in the league SBC, which cost 220k to do, and now, so late in the game, you can buy better players then an untradeable Cavani.


Nice notice… Will you post the base card investment as always? :DD


Hi Chief,
Thanks again for your site and all the useful infos and tips.
One question : do you think that IF schmeichel 85 could rise a bit in the coming days? I bought some for a little bit too much and I am looking forward to offloading them without losing too much…


Salah’s OTW rose 100K just now during his phenomenal performance. Do you think Asensio, Isco, James have a similar shot tmrw and might be interesting to invest in?


yeah i think varane is a strong contestant for that. but those cards usually shoot up in price after the first goal so…


Chief, Do you think tosun IF will rise more? (he stack on 25k)


So in my new team I’m planning on getting 87 mbappe, but was not sure whether to get the otw item solely because it is a striker and play mbappe in full chem or just get the 87 RF card for 100k less and play him on seven chem. What do you guys think?


IMO, full chem is a must. I would pay the extra 100k and play with the OTW card.

Helgi Magnusson

So like many others I sold of my team and made roughly 1,4 mill before TOTS.
I have been looking at doing the Prime Zanetti SBC for example because I am planning on going 3-4-2-1 formation and need a well rounded RM… so playing Zanetti on 7 chem will suffice.
The price on the SBC has already dropped like 50k in a week, do you reckon it will fall more or what?

Additionally, I invested in around 50 83 rated players for the TOTS SBC´s so I´m hoping they will take off in the coming week.

Helgi Magnusson

So as I am on holiday I should wait for the 4th.