[Repost] Why I Forfeit All Matches When I Reach D1

 Division Relegation Hold PromotionTitle
 10 N/A 950 1,600 2,000
 9 1,300 1,850 2,400 3,000
 8 1,550 2,450 3,200 4,000
 7 1,750 2,800 4,000 5,000
 6 1,900 3,350 4,800 6,000
 5 2,200 3,900 5,600 7,000
 4 2,850 5,050 7,200 9,000
 3 3,100 6,200 8,800 11,000
 2 3,400 7,400 10,400 13,000
 1 3,250 7,500 N/A 15,000

The table above shows the coins you receive for achieving certain placements in online divisions. Division 10 earns you the least coins, and Division 1 earns you the most…or does it?

Here are the reasons why Division 2 is more advantageous for generating coins than Division 1.

1. Lower Level of Opponent Difficulty

Online divisions matches people of similar ability, and they do this based on what division you currently sit in. A Division 2 player will likely draw someone in D2, and a Division 1 player matchup with someone in D1. Because of this, it makes it easier to earn points in Division 2 than Division 1.

2. Easier Hold/Promotion/Title Stipulations

Division 1 has the hardest points requirements of all others; 13 points or less will get you relegated (3,250 coins), 14 points holds the division (7,500 coins), and it takes a whopping 23 points in order to win the division (15,000 coins). On the other hand, Division 2 only takes 18 points to get promoted (10,400 coins) and 21 point to title (13,000 coins), and holding only requires 12 points (7,400 coins). Yes, the coin rewards are slightly better for Division 1, but the easier point conditions make playing in D2 more advantageous.

3. Relegation Benefits

Let’s say you get promoted or title D2. This earns you 10,400 or 13,000 coins respectively. The next move is to get relegated from Division 1 (which takes all of 5 minutes after forfeiting matches immediately after starting a match). You’re back down to Division 2 and have an extra 3,250 coins in your account for being relegated.

So, the coins you gain are more like this:

D2 Promotion (10,400 coins) + D1 Relegation (3,250 coins) = 13,650 coins

D2 Title (13,000 coins) + D1 Relegation (3,250 coins) = 16,250 coins


  • Playing in Division 1 will make you a better player. This gets you a better rank in Weekend League, resulting indirectly in more coins.
  • Your Win-Loss record will be effected negatively. I could care less about my W-L, but I know some people pride themselves on it.


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dude, thats amazing
u see profit at all


I have been doing this since last year. Probably the most enjoyable way to play fifa and make semi decent coins. I usually do one a day so that’s like 100k a week in coins.

A fitness team makes it even easier to make coins this way


Chief, will you sell your team that you just bought before TOTS?


I have a lot of 83/84.
When is the best tim eto sell them?

Helgi Magnusson

What squad you using Chief?