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Do u think the community tots players like Gomez will rise a little bit after the release of the bpl tots?


Thanks πŸ™‚


If I wanted TOTS Gomez when should I buy him?.


how can i make investments for the sbc’s to sell on for profit


What is the best way to make coins with around 150k other than putting it into IFs (Which I have done with the rest of my coins) and is there a chance that the EPL Tots will require in forms?


Will lomban if price rise anyway (even if informs will not be required in sbcs?) Or we shall offload on sunday after announcement of sbcs (in case of they are not required)


So sell if we are trying to buy a team soon but hold if we are willing to wait closer to when World Cup mode is released?


I feel like the upcoming rest of the world SBCs will require in forms because the last one required only an 83 rated squad, but the highest rated player in that batch was 85. This sbc did not cost that much and as the ratings of the available players go up, EA will need to increase the price of the sbc. They will need to increase it by about 10-20k max each time and tots are not this low and will already be inflated due to the league sbcs. This will make ea require an 83-84 rated squad with 1-2 in forms depending on the ratings of the players available are. This is just a thought of mine, what do you guys think?


Do SBCs come out tomorrow or just the tots itself?


the sbc too


nah thats on sunday. tmrw just in packs.


Will there be smaller league tots this year? (Liga Nos/erdervise)


Can we expect anymore BPL TOTS SBCs????