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Offload if lomban?


i vote for yes , we should offload IF and focus on TOTS and high rated players from all coming leagues , its bundesliga’s turn


Target buy/sell price?


So you will only get one chance on tots bpl? Thought you would get one chance per week. πŸ™
Got Verthongen πŸ™


With a tradeable version?
I hope it won’t require a IF cause I’m selling all now


What was requirements on community tradeable tots?


MY GOD … the Spider !!
De Gea XD


Congrats! Can switch for my Verthongen


Yesss just packed tots sane!!!!


Hi chief. Any idea to why totw bacca is at discard and is he worth investing in??


At discard because he has been packed so much since everyone opening packs due to epl tots. As for investing, I am not sure.


i think guys we gotta be smart about investing in TOTS , buy them after the ROTW SBC in Wed , because there will be discards out of it , start buying after the BPL of Tuesday is ended because it will keep pushing the prices up , so i think start searching for them on Friday and start selling at Sunday

last Friday TOTS were 23-25k … now i sold like 12 until now for 40k , but try the TOTS with 80+ rating they will be sold faster than the others , that korean guy 85 rating i bought for 28 k and sold him for 40k so easy just when the SBC started

i would like to take the chief’s opinion about that plan


What prices do you think tots matic and tots sterling will go down to after release of World Cup mode?


I’d personally hold my IF Lomban until Wednesday for the small chance they change the requirements for ROW SBC (very unlikely) however and also since there was a big outrage that league specific upgrade packs weren’t there and Corey tweeted that he is aware of that, i think they will implement those in the upcoming TOTS Leagues. And there is a good chance we could see an IF required for the tradable premium upgrade SBC, which would help IF Lomban’s price, specially for La Liga Premium SBC.

But yeah smart move would be to offload them. Can’t believe i mainly invest in the bad apples smh.


Yes, I am holding all my Lomban cards for now, mainly out of disappointment…
Bad apples here too,let’s hope for an IF requirement…


I’m keeping mine, but only because I will be on Holiday until the end of the Month. Plus I still think they will release a tradeble SBC that will require IF’s, after they release all the cards. That way you will have a smaller chance to get a good card and like 90% chance to get a EFL or Rest of the World card.

biren patel

Got kane 😍😍


You can hold your Lomban if for potm.
Do anyone think the 94 c. Ronaldo will rise up to 850k or higher on ps4? Do not know if I should sell him now with a loss or hold on for 1,2 weeks


Soooo better sell him?